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Top 10 ideas for a good chrono bread


I’m no expert on the making pastry before the chrono diet might have twice made bread. And I did not often eat. There is something that dipping. But I am for these nine months, thanks to the daily test, picked up a few tricks. Of course, it happens to me that the bread out of the oven does not come out as I expected, but rarely. And when that happens, usually learn something new. I made the best chrono bread, and I share with you.

Top 10 ideas for an excellent chrono bread

bread with seeds

1. You must learn how flour behave. Wheat integrally, spelt, and rye are the most “normal” flour with them is easy to work. With that as of rye flour (if you are using only that) is always a crispy crust. I think for the bread the best is spelt flour.

Buckwheat flour a lot of moisturizing and gives the food a specific taste. I recommend that these bread are baked longer, of course, if they contain more than 50 grams of flour. Barley and oat can be a bit bitter, and they are bread
crumbs. It is best to mix this flour in small quantities.

2. Do not cut warm bread. Since the knife will grab the interior and look like it is raw, although it is not. Give it time to cool down-and-out throw the steam of yourself. Once completed, wrap it in a clean cloth and leave.

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3. If the cover too hard, sprinkles bread with water. Or wrap it in a wet towel, this
should solve the problem.

4. Do not leave bread to cool in the pan, can be steam and soft. I do not like that.

5. The mixture of bread longer stands, and the longer it ferments, to the bread taste better. It will have more holes. But then you have to take care of when you add baking powder or baking soda with lemon. If the bread mixture should stand for more than an hour or two, it is best to add them just
before baking. Add a bit and use a dough mixer. A mixture of this our bread is viscous, not to mistake beginners. If it stands, all night becomes denser and somewhat gummy.

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6. If you do not have time to wait for the dough ferment, my advice is to use acid mineral water rather than plain water. And it made the holes slightly.

7. With good wet hands, put in the oven to avoid cracking the bread. But good wet. If it is needed, two or three times put them under the tap. To prevent cracking can further prevent if you at the beginning bake bread with a lid or foil. I always cover off the bread towards the end because I love crunchy little harder crust.

8. Look to bake bread in a broader and shallower sheet. Especially if the first time you try the recipe. It will cook earlier, and you can be sure that it is not raw in the middle Or soggy. Always pierce
it with a toothpick in the middle to check. If the toothpick is clean, and that it is not anything sticky, this is it. Length of baking depends on the oven. I usually bake bread for about an hour.

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9. Always add salt. Although our goal is to reduce the salt, it may work in other dishes, without salt the bread won’t be delicious. In 500 grams of flour goes one-to-one and a half teaspoon salt

10. If you make moist bread, such as those with the bran and germ, it is best to cut them when it is cool and store them so the slices.

My favorite chrono bread!!!

Bence’s breadBence's favorite bread

200 gr of finely milled rye flour
100 gr of spelt flour
100 gr of barley flour
Two tablespoons of sunflower seeds.
Two tablespoons of olive oil
500 ml hot mineral water
I left 7 hours to stay, then added:
One teaspoon of salt
10 gr baking powder

Design bread with wet hands and bake at 200 degrees for about 35 minutes. After 15 minutes sprinkle it with olive oil and return it to bake. It will get a beautiful shiny color
When it’s finished, wrap it in a dry cloth and let it cool.

Otto’s chrono bread

300 gr integral wheat flour

otto's bread150 gr rye flour

50 gr buckwheat four

450 ml of water.

Three tablespoons olive oil

One teaspoon salt

Sesame and linseed
Mix all these ingredients with a dough mixer, leave it to stand between 6 and 8 hours, and then add: 1 baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

Mix well with the mixer and add two teaspoons of lemon juice. All re-unite and place it on the baking sheet. I put the baking paper on the bottom of the baking sheet, and I lubricate all sides of bread with oil. Put it in the oven and then turn on 220 degrees and bake the dough for at last 30 minutes. It grows nicely, and it is not doughy.

Australian bread

450 gr of flour (I used integral wheat)Australian Bread1 teaspoon of salt
10 gr baking powder
One tablespoon olive oil
220 milliliters of lukewarm water
A handful olive
Fresh rosemary
Put flour in the bowl, salt, baking powder and chopped rosemary (a twig). Mix all well, make a well in the mixture and add oil and water. Mix with the spoon as much as you can and then squeeze it well with your hand.Australian Bread
Squeeze with your hand in the shape of a disc and add chopped olives. Then turn the edges toward the bottom and make a ball.

Then we take the wooden spoon and with the handle pressed into the dough to make the first quarter, then the sixth or the eighth. Put on a baking sheet that you have warmed in the oven and sprinkled with the flour. It is baked for 35 minutes at 200 or 220 degrees, depending on the stove.

Crispy Swedish bread

200 ml of pumpkin seedscrispy bread
100 ml of sesame
100 ml of bran
350 ml of rye flour
200 ml of cold water
125 ml olive oil
100 ml of linseed

One teaspoon baking powder
Two teaspoons of salt
Thin the pastry on the baking paper. You can also use thinner and thicker. Cut into cubes and bake of 15 minutes to half an hour at 200 degrees, depends on the thickness. This my “Swede” finished in 20 minutes.

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Dried tomato bread

3 cups flour (I used half spelt flour and half rye)bread with tomato
One teaspoon salt
half a teaspoon of garlic powder
half teaspoon cumin
a small sprig of fresh rosemary.
Four tomatoes in olive oil
1.5 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
1.5 tablespoon sunflower seeds
One baking powder
2 cups of mineral water

1,5 tablespoon of olive oil

I’m using this time cup of sour milk, but you can make any cup, size is irrelevant. Only if you are using some huge cups increase the number of spices and tomatoes slightly. If the oil stays from jars with dried tomatoes, you can put instead of olive.

First, mix the dry ingredients and then add oil and water. Leave an hour to stand. Plunge into the mold, cover with foil and push it in the oven for 45 minutes. Remove foil and bake another 15minutes. It depends on your oven. I cook at least an hour covered and then 15 minutes uncovered. First I warmed the oven to 250 degrees and lowered the temperature when I put the bread into the oven.



  1. I never thought that I could make home made bread, but after reading your article I really want to try to bake crispy Swedish bread! Any tips how better mix pastry for this bread? Thanks for sharing!

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