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The menu for future mommies (pregnancy)


About the pregnancy diet:

During pregnancy, women should not gain more than 12 kilograms, because every kilogram of excess can cause many health problems.

For engrossed opinions in the world that pregnant women should eat for two, a lot of the race to the future mom meet every wish when it comes to food. Experts point out that the idea that pregnant women get up from eight to 12 kilograms to childbirth because every kilogram of excess can cause many health problems.

There are many examples of women during pregnancy and after childbirth too much adipose tissue. That is why they all surrounded wishes when they’re eating some of the foods and not particularly suited to their body. Out of date the advice that pregnant women need to eat for two person – because extra pounds can only lead to certain complications.

Bypass snacks

In the first six months of pregnancy should not be specially modified diet or increase calorie intake. In the period of lactation, it is desirable that the menu of the future mother is partially corrected.almond

The concept of meals doesn’t need a drastic change in energy terms. It primarily refers to the intake of carbohydrates. You should avoid fast sugars (candy, soda, sugar), and prefer to polysaccharide with gradual release from cereal. Snacks are good options because they contain a high percentage of bad trans fats that do not have any building character.

Away from strong spices

According to experts, every pregnant woman needs to pay attention to the shelf life of foods. Avoid strong spices and fried and buried food. The daily meal should be base on the optimal intake and relative fat-carbs-protein.

It is tough to determine a percentage of right relationship gradient-energy nutrients. Future mom won’t go wrong if you opt for a breakfast that includes whole grain products (pasta, pastry, muesli without added). Include in meals sour-milk, fermented products (yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese).


For lunch and dinner, it would be advisable to find eggs, meat, legumes with a low glycemic index.

Mung beans, azuki, lens, young green beans, peas.

For salads (freshly grated carrot, celery, beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, paprika…).

Vegetable (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Zucchini, eggplant …).

Love in a pan

Snack and fluency
For a meal in the period between 17 and 19 hours in summer and 16 and 18 hours in winter weather. Pomegranate, pickled apples, hard pear, wild berry, orange, lemon.
When the beverages concerned, experts advise that is most important to drink low mineral water with lemon in the morning hours and mild herbal teas.

Useful tips from nutritionist

Most importantly to eat as much as you need.

Be sure to look at the declaration.

In many products, there are unwanted Add-ons, which are not suitable for pregnant women.

Prepare food for yourself (cooking and baking).

Find here how to prepare foods properly.

Avoid strong spices, sweets, snacks, tobacco, alcohol, psychoactive substance, not sleeping

Going to be fat, the future dads 🙂

A fifth of five thousand men in a study, organized by Onepoll, explained that during the pregnancy of their wives they received larger meals. Therefore 40% of them indicated that they were in this period was a more significant amount of available small snacks such as chocolate or pastries.

Some of them also had solidarity with women, so 25 percent said they were eating more; for a reason, their partners would suffer from an increase in their body weight.



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  1. Great post. Some valuable information here. I especially like when I clicked on the “prepare foods properly” link. Good info about food preparation and vitamins. I didn’t know too much water took away vitamins. Also I didn’t realize pregnant women need more Vitamin C. Thanks so much for this colorful, helpful website. It has made me hungry to look at your photos.

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