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The Food Of The Argentine Festivals-Empanada


The food of the Argentine Festivals-Empada has a significant role to play in the gastronomy of Argentina. But What is empanada? Well, the empanada is a filled bread with meat, vegetables, and fruits. They are cooked in oil or baked in the oven. Each region of Argentina fills with different stuffing. The most characteristic is the beef base.

Empanada initially traced back to Spain (Galicia) and Portugal. The first written appearance discovered in a 1520 Catalan cookbook, Libre del Coch, where it filled with seafood. The Spanish settlers have known food in Argentina, and to this day they are considered to be national dishes at a level that empanada eaten at the main meals. And to further enhance their love for an empanada, they also hold Empadanas Festivals, where the delicacies of every region introduced. If you might be able to visit Argentina, you will have a great chance to taste this fabulous cake or the main dish.Chrono empanada

An easy and delicious recipe for homemade empanadas

Chrono Empanada with cheese


Chrono empanada

250 grams of flour (rye, spelt, barley, and buckwheat)

A teaspoon salt

Three full teaspoons baking powder

One tablespoon fat

140 ml of lukewarm water

Empanada filling:

2-3 tbsp ajvar (Homemade ajvar made of roasted peppers)

150 g cheese (Gouda, they who are in restriction can make with fresh mozzarella)

One egg white for lubrication

Chrono empanada


Add in flour, salt, baking powder. Then add a spoon of fat (NOT melted). You will receive a crumbled mixture. Then add the water and use your hands to mix the ingredients. Cover and put in the warm place.

To make the empanada disks, roll out the dough into a thin sheet and cut out round disc shapes for empanadas (use round molds or a small plate). You can also make small individual balls with the dough and roll out each ball to a circular shape (doesn’t need to be perfectly round) – if you have a tortilla press you can use it to flatten the dough balls.

Put some ajvar and cheese and fold the circle. Press the edges of the hands and fork. Then place the empanadas in the baking sheet in which you’ve placed baking paper.Chrono empanada

Brush the empanadas with the whisked egg white and put in the heated oven.

Bake at 220 ° until they get a beautiful golden color.

Chrono empanada

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  1. I have heard people talk about empanadas but I didn’t know what they were talking about. These look so good and fun to make! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love empanadas… I never thought of using Gouda in my empanadas, I guess it’s a kind of cheese that melts well. What a great idea.
    Thank you. I’ll let you know if I was successful.

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