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Cherry jam
Chrono Snacks Recipes

Fresh Cherry Jam Recipe

Fruits like cherry and vegetables are undoubtedly in their raw form, freshly contain the most useful materials for the body, but if you make them a winter delicacy, jamming seems to be the best option besides freezing. So you can taste delicious and healthy delicacies that do not contain sugar, preservatives, or other artificial additives. …

Chrono Snacks Recipes

Choco Almond Salami

  Choco almond salami is the best choice when you have your announcements, and you have nothing sweet to serve them with coffee, you can make a fast cookie. Traditional in our family, this chocolate salami is the perfect treat to snack on alongside coffee, and the best part is it’s so easy to make! …

health and food
Healthy and Happy

Health and Food

Health and food are essential in our life. “The disease can be a lot of dads, but the mother of all illness is a bad diet.” Chinese proverb Why is it important to eat healthy foods? Nutrition is the foundation of the body and therefore has a significant impact on our health and energy levels. …