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What is a candida?
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What is a Candida?

Since I became diagnosed with the overgrowth of the candida fungus, I decided to write a little about this topic. Candida albicans is a yeast found in our intestinal tract in a natural and healthy state. Under normal circumstances, it is not a problem because of the intestinal bacterial flora, microorganisms, and probiotic substances controlled …

health and cancer
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Food avoid cancer

How can we avoid cancer with food? I have researched to ensure why it is essential to eat healthily and find exciting things that nutritionists have identified. Food and cancer are very close to each other. It is necessary to consider your health status with a doctor or a specialist before you start any diet.  …

chrono diet rules
Chrono Diet

Chrono diet rules

There are a million ways to lose weight. The secret is that you never try to lose weight; start to eat correctly. As I am surf on the internet, I find many diets, but only the Chrono menu can allow you to feed correctly and have a lean and healthy body. Chrono diet rules are …

health and food
Healthy and Happy

Health and Food

Health and food are essential in our life. “The disease can be a lot of dads, but the mother of all illness is a bad diet.” Chinese proverb Why is it important to eat healthy foods? Nutrition is the foundation of the body and therefore has a significant impact on our health and energy levels. …

healthy and happy
Healthy and Happy

Eat Healthy

Healthy living doesn’t mean eating and exercising; it requires a permanent lifestyle change. For me, it was the given strength when the doctor said to change my life, and I can raise my kids, or I will die just because I don’t live healthily. And that was it: my kids. When I went home, I start …

Healthy and Happy

Healthy and Happy

Everyone knows that an unhappy person is getting sick better. That is why happiness and health are very close to each other. Here are some ways how you can be healthy and happy at home. 1. Positive thinking When you start thinking negatively of yourself, reframe it as a positive comment. Stand in front of …