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Chrono Diet Recipes

Menu for diet

Here I am with two weeks program, and for those who are vegetarians, you can find an idea of how to be on a chrono diet and be healthy. I’ve been watching them to be quite ordinary dishes, that you do not complicate your life until you get a little up. You will see that …

chrono diet rules
Chrono Diet

Chrono diet rules

There are a million ways to lose weight. The secret is that you never try to lose weight; start to eat correctly. As I am surf on the internet, I find many diets, but only the Chrono menu can allow you to feed correctly and have a lean and healthy body. Chrono diet rules are …

health and food
Healthy and Happy

Health and Food

Health and food are essential in our life. “The disease can be a lot of dads, but the mother of all illness is a bad diet.” Chinese proverb Why is it important to eat healthy foods? Nutrition is the foundation of the body and therefore has a significant impact on our health and energy levels. …