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Restriction in chrono diet


Restriction in the chrono diet means that you can eat almost everything, but not every time.

The restriction or limit lasts for at least a month or until you reach the desired weight. So let we see what basic rules of restriction are?

Basic rules of restriction

Before breakfast, either herbal tea or warm lemonade, NO CAFFEE BEFORE BREAKFAST. It is recommended to drink at most two coffee in the day, one after breakfast, and the other after lunch.

Alcohol does not drink except red wine, can be four glasses a week.Restriction in chrono diet

Milk not used, never.

There is no snack, no fruit.

Between two meals must pass 5 to 5.5 hours. The schedule is the most important and should not be less than 4 or more than 6 hours. The ideal is around 5.


Breakfast required in the restriction, this is the only meal in which bread is eaten, but not that wheat flour. Spelt, buckwheat, oat, barley, rye, and other healthy flours used.

Instead of bread, some bread substitutes can eat (muffins, pancakes, pies and the like, but once in ten days, they made from the allowed flour. Only in such complicated foods can egg and milk mix.

You can eat whole grains (buckwheat, millet, barley, oat, spelt), as well as bran from these products. Do not eat flakes.

Best homemade bread in chrono diet

Eggs and milk products do not mix (except for the complicated foods that should eat rarely). See above.

Do not eat two different dairy products at the same time (if you eat curd, do not eat cheese, etc.).

Meat or permitted meat products can mix with eggs.

Meat or permitted meat products and dairy products may mix.

Permitted meat products squeezed ham, chicken breast, prosciutto. You can eat bacon and greaves but do not overdo it. They are also allowed sausages and similar products, but only if you know the origin, or if they are domestic and from a known seller.

Muffins- why we love them so much?

Dairy products are consumed 3 to 4 times a week (cottage cheese, sour milk, sometimes cream and sour cream eaten, yogurt not used)

Old cheeses do NOT eat in the restriction period.

Butter although it is a dairy product, it can eat, and it can be mixed with cheese and curd because it viewed as grease.

For breakfast, it is obligatory to enter foods of high nutritional value and quantity of food is not limited.

And the breakfast of all the meals should be the richest.

Pancake recipes here

Lunchdiet lunch

Combines meat (boiled, grilled, steamed, baked in the oven) with non-starchy vegetables.

It does not eat rice, beans, soy, lentils, beans, peas, potatoes.

Lunch served with salads seasoned with cold seasoned oil, salt, and lemon juice.

Thermally processed vegetables should not dominate concerning the amount of meat; the exception is cabbage vegetables that you can eat more.

Instead of meat, you can eat fatty fish or mushrooms.

Bread or other pasta does NOT eat for lunch.

If you make potato casserole or stuffed, for example, zucchini, stuff them only with meat, without rice. These dishes pour with egg white.

The distance between lunch and dinner should be about 5 hours.


Combine light meat (white chicken and turkey meat, fish) with green or white vegetables and salads.

Although mushrooms do not recommend in the evening, kids often eat them because they do not bother them. You can try it.

Instead of meat, you can use egg white. They have no restrictions in dinner


Breakfast in restriction:

Bread – (make bread of integral oat and rye flour, add a little of the oil, baking soda and baking powder, water, split the dough into pieces and roll into balls and put on a plate. Mix the oil and grind garlic, pepper, basil, crushed flax seed).

With bread, you can eat homemade ajvar (without sugar and vinegar) and avocado.

Find here how to make homemade ajvar

Egg with leek and black olives (5-6 pcs), bread

Egg with paprika, tomato, bread.

Muffin (buckwheat and integral oat flour) with Mangold or mushrooms (instead of milk, acid water put in place)

Pancakes (buckwheat and integral oat or spelt flour), ajvar or with some vegetables

Spreads: hummus, sesame butter (taan) butter, olive oil (put olives, tomatoes, parsley, ginger and pepper in the blender), baba ganoush, mushroom (pestle mushrooms and onions, pepper, chopped into blender add flavor to lemon and parsley)

Whole grain cereal with almond and hazelnut

Polenta (made with buckwheat flour or spelt) and almond milk.

Buckwheat strudel with vegetables (with zucchini, or eggplant or cabbage)

Eggs with green and red vegetables

Bruschette with yeast bread, stewed tomato with oregano and with a little garlic

Note: It is enough to select three combinations and change them weekly

Lunch in restriction

Broccoli and cauliflower with fish (chop onions and mushrooms, fry them. Broccoli and cauliflower take it on flowers and add mushrooms, pour homemade soup and cook for 20 minutes. Tomato cut into slices, like for salad and sprinkle with raw sunflower)

Love in a pan

Lens and zucchini dumplings (lens soak in water for about 6 hours, then grind in a blender. Add grated zucchinis and spices, dill, parsley, pepper, thyme. Make the mixture as a dumpling and put into a platter over a baking sheet.

Stuffed paprika with grated zucchini and leeks, without rice

Stuffed zucchini with mushrooms, without rice.

Salad, grilled, stewed and fresh vegetables with 30 gr of almonds or hazelnuts raw 1x per week or with cottage cheese 1x weekly.

Quinoa (amaranth) steam it with leek vegetables or mushrooms 2x weekly maximal.Restriction in chrono diet

Grilled mushrooms (oyster mushrooms) with grilled vegetables sprinkled with cold cut olive oil.

Green beans with a mixed salad (without sprinkling).

Stuffed peppers with red beans (steam red beans with leeks, fill the peppers and pour off with tomato juice).

Red or colored beans with a mixed salad (without splatter).

Homemade soups (without spices and noodles).

Sour cabbage (stuffed cabbage, salad with red pepper). without rice

You can eat mushrooms up to 3x a week

Amaranth or quinoa 2x per week

Dinner in restriction

Grilled vegetables two kinds of 2x per week.

Quinoa with broccoli 2x weekly.chrono diet

Amaranth with cucumbers

A fresh salad made of two types of green vegetables seasoned and cold-pressed grapeseed oil.

Broccoli, lettuce with pumpkin seed (in the evening you do not eat hazelnut and almond).

Grilled zucchinis with hummus and lettuce.

Green beans with salad 1x weekly

Fish from cans 1x weekly


About almond and hazelnut with breakfast or lunch 30g (3x per week).


  1. I have been trying to eat healthily and with a schedule but I have never really managed. I can’t keep up with the schedule or rather I didn’t know. But now I know and I think am going to give this a shot. Thank you for elaborating on the schedule.

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