pizza pancake
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Pizza Pancake


Pizza pancake yummy 🙂

This is a great way to change up everyday pizza!

Grab the griddle and let’s make pizza pancake.

First comes the dough. I wanted it to be soft. So I mixed a mixture similar to that for pancakes, it just needs to be a bit thicker. Aim for consistency because you may not use the same flour as me. You can put any: Spelt flour, rye, barley, oat, buckwheat. I made the mixture with white buckwheat flour, that’s why it’s so bright. It is a buckwheat flour to which the membrane is removed. Not bad and something to take from time to time to allow the hoses to take a break from classic wholemeal flour.

Pizza pancake

You need:

1 egg (or 2 egg whites)
4 – 6 tablespoons of flour (depends on which you use)
2 tablespoons olive oil
A pinch of sea salt
100 ml of sparkling water
100 ml of  water

And as I said, these are basic measures, you adapt them to yourself, depending on the flour you use. If you will not make a complicated meal (after the cheese is over), or from some of the eggs, you can put two egg whites instead of egg yolk.

Everything else, as well as regular pancakes: Stir, then add, stir, and add until you get the amount and density you want.  Homemade Pancakes Recipe

In the baking sheet, the most ordinary, thin, from the oven, put the baking paper, and then pour the mixture over. The circle will form itself if you do it slowly. Put it in a heated oven to cook. It won’t need more than five minutes. Let them cook between 200 and 220 degrees, depending on how strong your oven is. And we all know that the ovens are different and everyone knows their best.

When the cover is caught, remove the baking sheet, and over the pizza pancake, put the chopped ham and cheese. Those in restriction can put fresh mozzarella on.

Return the pizza pancake so the cheese melts.


Pizza sauce

In the meantime, I made the most beautiful dressing in the world: finely chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, a little balsamic, olive oil, and sea salt. Again, those who are in strict restriction and do not use balsamic can put lemon juice on. Although I have to admit, although I am a huge lemon fan, will not be the same, but it will refresh.

pizza pancake

When the cheese is melted, put this dressing over it and the ham. So generous, do not spare. With a knife, cut the pizza pancake into strips, roll each one up and roll.

You guys have no idea how good this is!!!

And if you’re wondering, this is going to be hard to eat one person, a pizza pancake is for at least pancake

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