healthy and happy
Healthy and Happy

Eat Healthy

Healthy living doesn’t mean eating and exercising; it requires a permanent lifestyle change. For me, it was the given strength when the doctor said to change my life, and I can raise my kids, or I will die just because I don’t live healthily. And that was it: my kids. When I went home, I start …

Healthy and Happy

Healthy and Happy

Everyone knows that an unhappy person is getting sick better. That is why happiness and health are very close to each other. Here are some ways how you can be healthy and happy at home. 1. Positive thinking When you start thinking negatively of yourself, reframe it as a positive comment. Stand in front of …


About Tina

Hi everyone and welcome to my Chrono Diet website. Health is essential for all of us because if I’m sick, I’m unhappy. My name is Tina. I’m 42 years old mother with five children. One of them is my son the other four kids I’m raising. As I love children, I’m a social worker for caring …

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