Cumin Kohlrabi
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Kohlrabi for stronger immunity – Cumin Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi, like other members of the cabbage family, contains phytochemicals. Beneficial to human health. As sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol, which protect against prostate and colon cancer LITTLE calories and an abundance of vitamin and minerals make the kohlrabi an ideal food for winter. These vegetables from family cabbage are ordered rich in iron and vitamin C …

pizza pancake
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Pizza Pancake

Pizza pancake yummy 🙂 This is a great way to change up everyday pizza! Grab the griddle and let’s make pizza pancake. First comes the dough. I wanted it to be soft. So I mixed a mixture similar to that for pancakes, it just needs to be a bit thicker. Aim for consistency because you may …

bean goulash
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The Perfect Bean Goulash

Bab Gulyas —or Bean goulash as it’s called outside of Hungary— is one of our favorite Hungarian dishes. It’s also Hungary’s most celebrated dish. After the restriction, some discarded foods are returning to the diet. Lunch reopens the welcome door to starchy vegetables. You can cook peas, beans or brown rice. However, it is important …

Homemade Ice cream
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Make Homemade Ice Cream

Ice cream is our favorite dessert. Every day around the world, people enjoy different gastronomic wonders and achievements. They are passionate about food prepared just in a certain way. You are wondering who came up with a meal or how people lived without it. Do you sometimes wonder the origin of the food you eat? …

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