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Menu for diet


Here I am with two weeks program, and for those who are vegetarians, you can find an idea of how to be on a chrono diet and be healthy. I’ve been watching them to be quite ordinary dishes, that you do not complicate your life until you get a little up.

You will see that just before the end of the second week you have a complicated dish that involves mixing eggs and cheese, but it is my recommendation to postpone it perhaps for the end of the month.

Homemade Ajvar-The Best Balkans Caviar

It is good at the beginning to have as simple as meals, not only because of saving but also because of the results. In the morning you should eat many whole kinds of cereal and homemade chrono bread. If you can not make them regularly, you can buy Tonus bread, but be sure to toast it. I have to admit that I eat it only in case of an emergency. Before breakfast, it is no coffee, half an hour before meals can be herbal tea or warm lemonade.

Between meals must pass a minimum of five hours.

You can eat dairy products three to four times a week, and eggs up to eight pieces. Naturally, this amount should reduce if you have a cholesterol problem.

Also, every lunch that written here can save in two days, so you have less work. And always look to get enough fresh vegetables in the form of salads.

So I wish you a good start with the chrono diet!

Pattern diet

First-week menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday Bread (homemade chrono bread or toasted Tonus), roast pork,
tomato salad, cottage cheese.
A greasy fish for example carp, mangel, fresh kohlrabi Tuna with onion, grated zucchini, olive oil, lemon juice.
Monday Bread (homemade or toasted Tonus) butter, chicken breast,
cottage cheese with linseed
Cabbage with pork Chicken breast, broccoli, stuffed with lemon juice and garlic
Tuesday Bread ( homemade or toasted Tonus), some ham, and fried
paprika (or make ajvar)
Paprika filled with ground beef meat and stuffed with egg
white, and a little-carbonated mineral water
Tuna with lettuce and cucumber


Wednesday Bread (homemade or toasted Tonus), fried eggs, tomato salad,
cold cuts
Drumstick with a lot of fresh salads ( lettuce and roasted red
paprika) with lemon juice
Omelet made from egg white and grated zucchini
Thursday Boiled millet with cottage cheese, baked bacon, different
Meat dumplings in tomato sauce, zucchini, and cauliflower
puree, or just cooked cauliflower.
Fish with kohlrabi
Friday Bread (homemade or toasted Tonus), butter, scrambled eggs and
Pork neck and roasted paprika Chicken breast with a cabbage salad (olive oil, and plenty of
lemon juice)
Saturday Cooked buckwheat with fried bacon or pork meat, cottage
cheese, may some salad next to it
Beef goulash with picked vegetables and lettuce. Hake with lettuce.

Top 10 ideas for a good chrono bread

Second-week menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday Bread (toasted Tonus or homemade bread), paprika, ham Stewed mushrooms with paprika, lettuce Roast trout with salad
Monday Cooked spelt with cheese and ham Stewed beef with vegetables Chicken breast with grilled zucchini
Tuesday Bread (toasted Tonus, homemade bread) cottage cheese, beef meat,
bacon, tomato salad
Pork chop with mustard (mustard without sugar) and roasted
Roasted hake with garlic and mangel
Wednesday Bread (homemade or toasted Tonus scrambled eggs with roasted
paprika and bacon)
Goulash with dark meat White eggs with green paprika
Thursday Bread (homemade or toasted Tonus) hummus some ham and salad Podvarak with pork neck Tuna with zucchini and lettuce
Friday Amaranth with pork neck and Greek yogurt A hamburger made from beef, cabbage salad Chicken breast with kale
Saturday Pie from buckwheat strudel, young cheese, and egg Eggplant stuffed with minced meat poured with egg white Eggs white and cucumber

Vegetarian chrono diet



Bread (Make bread of integral oat and rye flour, add a little of the oil, baking soda and baking powder, water, split the dough into pieces and roll into balls and put on a baking sheet. Mix the oil and peeled garlic, ground flax, paprika, pepper, basil and lubricate dough). With bread, you can eat homemade ajvar (without sugar and vinegar) and avocado.

Bread (buckwheat and integral oat flour) with mangel or mushrooms; (instead of milk, carbonated mineral water goes on).
Make Pancakes made from buckwheat and integral oat or spelt flour, ajvar, herbal cream or some vegetables.
Whole grain cereals – almonds or hazelnuts
Unleavened bread and some cream (vegetable olive cream, sesame seeds cream, pumpkin seeds cream) with salad.

Polenta (made with buckwheat flour or spelt grist) with almond milk,
Pie from buckwheat strudel with vegetables (with zucchini or with eggplant or with kale or with sour cabbage).

Homemade Pancakes Recipe 

Pancakes – Make from buckwheat and spelt flour, they can be salted (with herbal cream -sesame tan and mixed salad). Or sweet (homemade euro cream – coconut oil 125 g, cocoa, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, carob (little), Stevie, almonds or hazel 4- 5 pcs, seeds-sesame and sunflower).

Make integral pasta with vegetables and hummus.

It is enough to select three combinations and combine them weekly.


Broccoli and cauliflower with mushrooms – (Cut the onions and mushrooms, take broccoli and cauliflower to the vegetarian dietflowers and add mushrooms. Pour the homemade soup and cook for 20 minutes. Cut the tomato into slices (salad) and sprinkle with raw sunflower).
Zucchini and lens dumplings – (Soak lens in water for about 6 hours or overnight, then grind in a blender, add the grated zucchini and add spices (dill, parsley, pepper, thyme). The mixture cut in the form of dumplings, oil it, put on a baking sheet. Cut mangel into small pieces, add chopped garlic and sesame over it: Put it on the baking sheet, and gently bake it.
Stuffed paprika with stewed zucchini and leeks – without rice,
stuffed zucchini with mushrooms – without rice.
Salad (grilled, stewed and fresh vegetables) with 30 g of almonds or hazelnuts (raw) 1x weekly or with cheese 1x weekly.

Recipes for tuna salad 

The quinoa cooked and together with leek is roasted with vegetables or with mushrooms, maximally twice a week.
Grilled mushrooms with grilled vegetables, sprinkled with olive oil,
green beans with a mixed salad (without sprinkling).
Stuffed paprika with red beans (simmer red beans with leeks, fill the paprika and pour on it tomato juice).
Use red or colored beans with a mixed salad (without sprinkle),
homemade soups (without garnish and pasta).
And moussaka with baked paprika, and quinoa with leeks and spices for taste.
Sour cabbage (stuffed cabbage, salad with red paprika) – without rice.
Turn fish on days when allowed.
You can eat legumes more often.
Grilled mushrooms twice a week.
Carrots, celery, and beets can eat for due to taste, but because to get out after thermal treatment, they can eat fresh.


Grilled it will carry out two types (green vegetables – zucchini and blue eggplant, zucchini and green paprika).
Quinoa with broccoli (previously cooked quinoa and after simmer with leek) – 2x per week.
Make a fresh salad of 2 types of green vegetables, seasoned with sesame, cold-pressed grapeseed oil (1 teaspoon oil).
Make grilled mushrooms (ex. champignons) with salad.
Pottage from broccoli (cooked broccoli flavored with spices) and lettuce with pumpkin seeds (do not use almonds or hazelnuts in the evening).
Make grilled zucchini with hummus cream + lettuce.
Green beans with salad 2x weekly.
Try zucchini soup with milled sesame and flax.
Fish for days when allowed.


Almond or hazelnuts with breakfast or lunch 30 g (3 x a week). The spacing between meals to be 5-5.30 hours, at this time you can drink lemonade, water, herbal teas. The liquid should always be 30 minutes before or after a meal, but try not to have a lot of fluids with the meal. Instead of vinegar, use lemons juice. Use more spices.

So you can find few tips for those who are just beginning with chrono diet: Restriction in chrono diet


  1. Thank you for helping me. I lost weight with this diet. I was not hungry almost never and still lose weight. I feel much better. Could you post some recipes for breakfast?

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