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Mackerel filet with Olive and Brussels sprouts


I don’t know why some people don’t like mackerel and why it’s not more widely served in the States. It’s such a lovely fish, cheap and plentiful, and, served with Brussel sprouts, an absolute winner.

I’m trying to get as many fish in my Chrono diet as I can. It is important to have fish in our diet because they contain vitamins for our health.

For this, you need:

Two mackerel fillets (if more than one person in proportion to increase)

Half a handful of black or green olivesolives

Waist spring onion

Clove of garlic

Half bags of brussels sprouts (I used frozen)brussels sprout

Olive oil

Salt, Pepper

Lemon juice

Grill fish fillets on both sides. You can bake it in the pan with olive oil. Before you finish, add the salt and pepper.
I always look at the spices to put it in the end. I put definitely less salt.
When it’s ready, take it to the side and in the same oil, simmer some onion and garlic cut into quarters, and then add the chopped olives. Let the onion for a minute to get to absorb the flavors. Then olives and onion pour over fish. In the same frying pan insert Brussels sprouts that are cooked before, that he’s a “scratch” on the spices.

When it’s all on a plate, pour them with lemon juice.

Not a bad dinner, right?

Tuna salads for your taste.


  1. Thanks for the great recipe. Love this recipe. I have been making a similar dish for a while and decided to try this one. This is so delicious, thank you.

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