love in a pan
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Love in a pan


love ina a pan

Do you think love in a pan is incredible? Now just try this amazing lunch and you will see it. For lunch turned out great because all the ingredients in a pan fell in love with each other :)Anyway, for lunch, you don’t need much.

500 grams of chicken breast
2 medium onions
A tablespoon of mustard
Sea salt, colorful pepper, 2 tablespoons of olive oil 1 tablespoon of butter
100 ml of white wine

And to be clear at the beginning, mustard and white wine for cooking (in small quantities) are allowed in the restriction. Chrono diet, that gave a maximum of effects is the one most of us applied.

Chicken breast cut of steak or ask the butcher to do it for you. Nice and easy tenderize the meat thinner. It will be ready faster and softer. Onion cut into slices and cook the mixture of oil and butter on very low temperature. I occasionally add water to makes sure it doesn’t stick, and before the end add a little wine, and spices.

And don’t forget, onion, especially red and leeks are very much in love with pepper. When the onions almost melt, place steak on top of it, salt it a little and spread with the mustard. When the bottom side is white, turn the steak. You can that side to lubricate a little mustard, return meat before the end of the cooking down to 30 seconds but you don’t have to. It depends on the strength of the mustard. When you buy it makes sure that there is no sugar and it is mostly Dijon mustard.

While the steak is cooking, make the side dish. You can make whatever you want, I made steamed broccoli. Or make zucchini puree. Cut into cubes, steam it, blend it with spices, olive oil and a clove of garlic.
And that’s it. A great lunch. But for me it is too much, so it’s a good part stay to the next day, it can be a perfect breakfast.


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  1. Hi Tina. This recipe was amaizing. This recipe was loved by all in the house. Everything was absolutely yummy in every way. Thanks so much for sharing.

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