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Chrono Diet

Lose Weight – In 14 days, 19 lbs minus


A tried and tested diet if you follow all instructions it is guaranteed to lose weight!

When you need to lose weight urgently! For example, you have to get into the wedding dress.

This diet lasts for one week and should be repeated immediately. The diet is guaranteed to lose 19 lbs in two weeks. Repeat as many times is necessary to achieve the desired weight. If we do some physical exercise besides it, then better results can be achieved.

Lunch should not be replaced with dinner; everything should be strictly adhered to. There is a metabolic change in the body, so you can’t get it back for one year. Of course, you have to pay attention to what you eat and how much you eat.

1. Day

Breakfast: black coffee (no sugar, no sweetener)

Lunch: 2 pcs, boiled eggs with stewed spinach.

Dinner: 1 big steak, green salad, cooked celery.

2. DayIn 14 days, 19 lbs minus

Breakfast: black coffee with little milk, one small slice of bread or toast

Lunch: 1 steak, green salad, fruit

Dinner: cooked ham

3. Day

Breakfast: black coffee with little milk, one small slice of bread.

Lunch: 2 pcs boiled eggs, green salad, tomato

Dinner: 7.05 oz cooked ham, salad

4. Day

Breakfast: black coffee, one small slice of bread

Lunch: 1 pc. cooked egg, raw or steamed cabbage, 5.29 oz cheese

Dinner: smooth kefir or yogurt, fruit

5. Day

Breakfast: black coffee with milk, grated carrot with lemon

Lunch: fish, tomato

Dinner: 1 steak, green salad

6. Day

In 14 days, 19 lbs minus


Breakfast: black coffee, one slice of bread

Lunch: 1/2 grilled chicken, salad

Dinner: 2pcs cooked eggs, salad

7. Day

Breakfast: lemon tea without sugar

Lunch: fruits

Dinner: whatever you love, as much as you can.



Steak means water steamed meat with a little salt.

Fruits: any fruits except compote.

Bread: toast or integrated bread.

Successful weight loss for anyone who tries!!!!

Find how to lose weight an still eat.

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