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How to bake delicious tofu


How to grill delicious tofu

For my kids, tofu was not favorite food! Yeah, I thought they won’t ever love it. But I was wrong. They love it. We, tofu lovers, do not get much understanding in the world. It is because tofu has become known as a meat substitute. Maybe many don’t know what the tofu is. However, it existed before vegetarianism and veganism spread, and many people consumed it, not by accident.

Of course, a lot of lousy tofu made, and especially a lot of grilled, which mainly because people try to make it like a piece of meat. It is easy not to love tofu if it is gummy, tasteless or burnt. Good tofu is with a soft inner, delicately season, crunchy crust – is one of the best things that can get into the mouth. Regardless of eating habits, it is enjoyable for all gourmets may.

Here are eight tips to make perfect tofu on the grill or grilled, that maybe even the frantic tofu haters will love it. how to grill tofu

Rule 1: Use firm, not too soft tofu!

There are two types of tofu available: soft and firm, which are made using different vaccines. Within these types of tofu, the hardness is broad, ranging from soft-to-soft to hard-pressed as the raw meat. The softer version is better for stews and soups, while the more firm version is better for baking and grilling. It also has the advantage of having a more porous structure, so that it takes over the taste of the juices and sauces.

Some recommend freezing and then releasing it before baking to absorb even more flavor, but this will create the sponge.

Rule 2: Cut the tofu wide!

There are plenty of recipes that suggest that you put tofu on thin skewers or cut into thin strips. I’m not suggesting any of them, since the best result for the slow baking is ideal. However, this means a significant loss of water and volume, which, in the case of a too small piece, would suggest that it becomes like dried peel potatoes.

Rule 3: Dry thoroughly!

There is a lot of heat energy required to convert water into steam, and liquid water must disappear from the food before it can start to grill. First, cut the tofu, should drain by placing them on an absorbent surface, such as layered paper towels or a dish towel. Often five to 10 minutes will suffice

Rule 4: Spice wisely!

Pickles and spices mix the role of crutch with many vegetarians and vegans. “It is tasteless, and I have to put something in it to be exciting!” – Something like the prevailing thought. The reality is that if you make it well and get the right amount of salt and pepper, it can be quite tasty in itself. One of the biggest myths about tofu is that it soaks up the surrounding ingredients. It is only valid with hyper-porous frozen tofu. If you still marinate, I suggest a relatively thick version that contains all the sugar that caramelizes on the tofu surface to help create a beautiful brown and crispy crust.

Rule 5: Heat and clean the grill

It often is seen in vegetarian cooking that the crispy crust formed by the tofu has adhered to the grates of the oven, and the final result is pale and tasteless.

How can this be avoided? First of all, it is essential that the grill is very clean. Some people like to clean the oven right after use — the easiest thing to clean the oven if it’s hot. And the fats melt on it. If it is not Teflon-coated, it is easiest to rub the dirt with a rough brush.

Of course, it is necessary to clean the barbecue before and after baking, primarily if it not used too often.

Rule 6: Lubricate the oven thoroughly!

The clean grill is only half of the battle. Apply a thin layer of oil to form a polymer under the effect of heat, making the grids virtually non-stick. With tweezers, grab a cloth or paper towel soaked in oil, rub the grills, wait forty seconds, then repeat. Approximately 3-4 layers will be needed.

Rule 7: Slow, indirect heat effect = crispy tofugrilled tofu

It would be logical to fry the tofu at a high temperature, as the chicken would not have to bake its interior. However, if it covered in the cooler part of the oven, it will produce a thicker and sweeter roasted layer, and the result will be more delicate.

If you want a mainly aesthetic roast, turn the baking tray at 90 ° C on both sides at half past the cooking time.

Rule 8: If you are ready, pour a little more broth into it

If you note one of the points you read here, it should be: after baking and before serving a little seasoning it. Although cooking concentrates the flavors, it also modifies them a bit, so if you want to make a perfect doubling the dose.

That’s it. Do you think this is something you would love to eat?

Here you can find delicious tofu dumplings with spinach.

Tofu soup


  1. Mmmm yummy yummy. Actually yes I would love to try the recipe and see how its taste but it sounds tasteful. It is my first time to hear about Tofu but i’m happy to find this article.I love to try differents food so you cought me up today with this delicious Tofu.
    Thanks again Tina for the great recipe.

  2. Good recipe. I like that you share all the information about it. I guess I will make tofu weekly. Thanks and keep the great work.

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