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For most people start is always the most exciting and most beautiful period. No matter what you start, your new job, hobby, sport or diet. But each start can be frustrating. And when it comes to Chrono nutrition, a primary source of frustration may be making bread without yeast and from 100% integral flour. Take some time to look at how to behave, to get accustomed to the new tastes. And that’s why you might want to start with the little things. Like mini pancakes

Mini Pancakes

Ingredients:mini pancakes
One egg
Two full tablespoons of buckwheat flour
A pinch of sea salt
Half tablespoon butter
100 ml of carbonated mineral water

In a bowl stir the egg, add the flour, salt, and water. Stir all together. Melt the butter in the frying pan and insert it into the mixture. It should be thicker than the basic pancake. Put the mixture in a hot frying pan. You can bake all at once two pancakes. For each pancake, use about the half ladle. It is thin and fast bake. Do not overdo them.

Of these quantities, you can get 5 or 6 small pancakes. I cooked eggs, and I put some cold cuts beside it. Few hot peppers, and then I could eat three pancakes.

Oat Pancakes

Oats are considered one of the healthiest grains. There are a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is rich in fiber, is a significant source of carbohydrates, but it has more protein and fat than some other grains. It believed that the great in battle with lousy cholesterol and diabetes. Also, there is no gluten, so willingly on the table for those who are eating gluten-free.

Those who have a severe intolerance and allergy to gluten should be careful with oat flour for two reasons. The first is that the oats often stored in the same place and meal with gluten, so maybe “contaminated.” The second reason is avenin, a protein similar to gluten, which can also disturb those who are suffering from coeliac disease.

But if you eat it, maybe it’s best to swallow it whole grain. Flour of oats, although it contains the qualities of all grains, there are a few problems. It can be bitter, sometimes less, sometimes more. And with oat is hard to work. If you are more into bread or rolls, be sure that it will be crumbly. That’s why it is best to use for a variety of cornbread, muffins, and pancakes.Oat Pancakes


100-gram oat flour
50 gram of spelt flour
One egg
200 ml carbonated mineral water
One tablespoon olive oil
A pinch of sea salt
A full teaspoon of baking powder

Stir the egg, add mineral water, baking powder, and salt. Then mix flour and oil. Warm up the pan for pancake and put one spoon of the mixture.

Bake each on both sides for a few minutes.

Divine Pancakesdivine pancakes

Six tablespoons of buckwheat flour.
Four tablespoons of barley flour.
One egg
100 ml carbonated mineral water
200 ml of water
Sea salt
One big tablespoon of olive oil

Mix all ingredients like in previously pancake recipes. Of these quantities, you can get five or six pieces, not sure. Filled with ajvar and then add sausage and roasted pumpkin seeds. Divine!

How to make homemade ajvar? HERE

Salted Pancake CakePancake cakes

Specify the quantity according to the number of people

For this breakfast was three eggs, about 30 tablespoons of buckwheat flour, a glass of carbonated mineral water and 2 cups of water, olive oil. This mixture, as well as any other for pancakes, you increase your chances of adding the flour and water until you have the desired quantity.

When pancakes finished, fry a little chopped bacon and chopped sirloin steak. Start filling pancakes: cottage cheese, a little homemade tomato sauce, bacon, and sirloin. And so to the top of the queue. Put pancakes in the fire resistant dish. The last covered with cottage cheese, and tomato sauce and all put in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Seriously good breakfast, try it!

Spinach PancakeSpinach pancake

100 grams integral spelt flour
30 grams rye flour
Two cubes of spinach (I used frozen)
200 ml of carbonated mineral water
One egg
Two teaspoons baking powder
One teaspoon salt
Two tablespoons of melted butter

Put the dry ingredients in another bowl and an egg with mineral water the mixture add to the dry. When you stir all, add thawed spinach.
In a frying pan put two tablespoons of butter to melt, and then add hot butter in the mixture for pancakes. Stir it once again and bake pancakes.
When they finished, I put on them a little bit of butter with dill.

With them, I made eggs with curry and some chopped hot peppers — a great start day.

France PancakeFrance Pancakes

One egg
Three full tablespoons buckwheat flour
100 ml carbonated mineral water
50 ml of water
Half tablespoons olive oil
A pinch of salt

When you finish with the baking pancakes, fill it with the hard cheese — a large tablespoon on each pancake. Bake an egg and add a bit of ham.

What Dr. Delabos Says about dairy products?

When we eat cheese in the morning, it adorned with all its virtues. We will find in it a good helping of animal protein, which will add, thanks to bread, vegetable proteins, and sugars to complement the desirable portion of food. All cheeses are excellent and useful. You need to choose depending on your taste and desire, provided that they are very oily, which excludes a cup of milk, unsalted cheese, yogurt, and soft dairy products.

Learn how to measure your girth, and no weight: very fast you can correctly manage your necessary quantities, not to be disoriented if you do not have at hand a measurement. 

Let’s be clear: If you prefer to suggest cheese, it is because it is vital for the metabolism of calcium. The minimum amount of cheese, recommended for your height, will protect you, my ladies, the risk of osteoporosis, which needs to be protected at least twenty years before menopause.

If you don’t like cheese try to put him in different pies. Or to slowly get the hang of using soft cheese add a spoon of sour cream. The cheese does not contain enough fat necessary to ensure morning quantities. Cheese with whey is not good.

But even if this doesn’t pass there are eggs, omelets, ham, bacon, bread from integral flour well buttered.
Dr. Alain Delabos, “Chrono nutrition on the French way.”

Chrono diet rules.

That was my best-salted pancakes.  Use your imaginations and make pancakes to your taste. In the future, I will share with you sweet pancake recipes.


Founder of Chrono Diet


  1. Carbonated water on a pancake sounds really interesting and something I’ve never thought to try. I’m definitely trying this; probably the France pancake which sounds beyond awesome. I can see the carbonation enhancing the taste some, so I’m like big time looking forward to making some to see how they taste. Something tells me I won’t be disappointed!

  2. The Chrono Diet it seems discipline and motivation .In light of the fact you are restricting ingredients we are use to having in certain meals .I am for anything that will eliminate high consumption of fats and sugar to help reduce weight and encourage a healthier diet and lifestyle Excellent article .Keep up the great work

  3. WOW! I love all your pancake ideas. I never thought of adding spinach to my pancakes. A great way to sneak in some extra veggies.

    I had not heard of Chrono Nutrition before. This is so intriguing. I spent some time looking at your information on your site learning more about it.

    I have an allergy to gluten so I usually have to adapt people’s recipes and that’s okay as I’m getting pretty good at it. I like that your recipes do not use yeast as I have always found it finicky to work with in my gluten free baking.

    Can you give me more information on what 100% integral flour means?
    Thanks for sharing your recipes. Can’t wait to try them (with a few adaptations of course).

    1. Thank you, Eliza, for your kind comment. 100% integral flour means wholemeal flour, which includes the outer layers of grain (bran) and the sprouts.

  4. I have to get on this site you making me hungry. I am going to try some of these recipes. Great information. I need to loose about 30 pounds to get right side up. Thanks

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