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Homemade Ajvar-The Best Balkans Caviar


Ajvar is an entirely natural famous gastronomic specialty rich flavor made from the highest quality red roasted peppers. Most commonly used as a spread or attachment, ajvar and an excellent salad, aromatic sauce and a fuller taste different dishes.

The Origin of Ajvar


The Ajvar is an authentic dish that is widely known Balkan cuisine where for centuries traditionally made. Recipes are carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Today some of these made the way it once did grandmothers.


The outstanding and unique taste of ajvar, proof it the origin of the name. Derives from the Turkish word havyar translated “sea spawns” or “caviar.”

Secret irresistible taste ajvar lies in juicy, mature pepper. And in the long process of preparation at a low temperature, which preserves nutrients and points out the best natural flavors. Peppers for some of these should be fully ripe, full of flavor, crunchy, meaty, and without a lot of water in it.

In the making ajvar only needs four ingredients: roasted red peppers, oil, salt, and vinegar. No more and nothing else. It is beneficial to know that is for 1 kg ajvar takes four kg of high-quality red peppers.

On this way made ajvar is an excellent customized and trends of modern nutrition. Because it contains no gluten, no added sugars, and can eat it even vegans.

How to make Ajvar

Mastery of making real homemade ajvar is in preparation which lasts several days. Usually in the open and traditionally presents an opportunity to assemble an entire family which connects the commitment and love for this delicacy.roasted red peppers

Ajvar is getting ready to fall into the high season pepper in large quantities to last till the following season.  The long process of saving allows you to keep some of these fresh and tasty throughout the year.

Making ajvar search commitment and stamina. Cooking at low temperatures is long-term, but it is crucial because peppers that retain its beneficial ingredients.

The pepper is slowly baking, preferably grill, until it completely softens it. Well-drained, peeled and chopped red peppers for a long time with other ingredients are squeezed in low heat with constant mixing until this process produces a thick, juicy and aromatic ajvar of golden-red color and soft texture. Ajvar store in closed glass jars, hidden away from light and heat.

Types of Ajvar

No letting up of the authentic versions of the real ajvar, centuries are housewives in the Balkan the original recipe variety of ingredients, in constant search of new tastes.ajvar types

In addition to the original ajvar of sweet red peppers, there are its two versions:

1. slightly milder – ajvar with peppers.

2. hot peppers whose combination of sweet and spicy red peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and parsley makes a real blast taste with every bite. Sophisticate and gentle variants rich produce when you add the eggplant in the original recipe with red pepper or ajvar from green peppers and eggplant.

We can not forget many favorite pindjur represented a basic recipe for ajvar added tomatoes and garlic.

I guess that the secret ingredient is love for this delicacy.

I believe that there are as many kinds of ajvar and Masterful ways of preparation as much as households in the Balkans. Which still made according to recipes, jealously preserved for generations.
What I’m sure is making homemade ajvar completely overwhelmed at first bite, and there is nothing similar in the world which can replace its irresistible taste.

The Best Ajvar

homemade ajvar


40 kg-quality and mature sweet red peppers.

One liter of olive oil.

1-2 tablespoons wine vinegar. ( we do not use vinegar in Chrono Diet but won’t kill you this tablespoon vinegar)

Salt to taste.


Wash and dry the peppers. Roast them on the grill on low heat until they turn black and completely tender. Roasted peppers put in a covered bowl and keep it in a warm place to peppers steamy and more comfortable to peel off the skin. For the spicy version add chilies to taste.

There are many ways to how you peel the peppers easier. One of them is to roasted peppers soak in icy water to which you’ve added ice cubes. This procedure quickly removes the skin from the peppers, but is at the same time watering, so the peppers require a longer pressing time.

Another way is to leave the peppers for a while on a warm place in the covered bowl.

Whatever way is to decide, after peeling the peppers, it is good to squeeze out water.  It is best to leave them overnight in gauze to twisted hanging all liquid from the peppers came out.cooking homemade ajvar

The cleaned peppers finely cut and put in a wide saucepan to cook that you previously greased with oil. Add the rest of the oil in the pan with peppers and leave it for about 20 minutes.

Start with warming. When it starts to decrease temperature ajvar stew it with continuous mixing. Depending on the amount this step can last for 3 or more hours. Ajvar finish when all the liquid has evaporated, and the mass becomes dense.

Towards the end of cooking, add the vinegar one or two tablespoons and salt to taste.
Pour ajvar in the previously sterilized glass jars and place them in the oven heated at 200 degrees. Roast it for about 10 minutes. Then pour the oil to prevent the contact of air and ajvar.

Close cover, lay them upside down so that they stand on the lid and allow to cool slowly. Glass jars preferably wrapped in a blanket during the next 36 to 48 hours. The cooled pot keeps in a dark and cold place. It’s best to leave it where can stand around six months – if you open it to keep it in the fridge.

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The fresh red and green peppers can charge on the stove top by setting them directly on a gas burner with the flame turned to medium-high and rotating them as they blacken. If the skin is thoroughly charred, but the flesh is not yet tender, transfer the peppers to a foil-lined sheet pan and bake in a 200°C oven until soft to the point of collapsing, 10 to 25 minutes longer, depending on the thickness of the peppers.



  1. Wow, the recipe sounds great. What a great way to use up sweet red peppers when in season. I am not into the hot spicy peppers, but I like the sound of adding garlic and tomato for a different flavour.

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