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Good healthy snack foods


There is a belief that in Chrono Diet mode there is no snack and it was forbidden fruit. Incorrect!

Right healthy snack foods in Chrono Diet

The truth is that the snack was not there then when Chrono diet starts, almost 30 years ago. When a French doctor Alain Delabos put together the first rules, snack skipped. At the time, he thought that the only essential meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Later, he found that all his patients in the afternoon have a unique need for chewy because of rising energy. And then he realized he needed to bring in another meal that people will quickly raise power and keep them fed for a while. And then understand that snack is not just for “boot the system” but also serves as an excellent controller of appetite also helps eliminate fluid from the body.

So the snack introduces a mandatory meal that should not be skip. According, the snacks should be composed of two parts: a sweet and fatty. Those sweet should represent fruits, and the buttery part comes from nuts, dark chocolate, avocado or olives. All of these foods have adequate fat for an afternoon snack. Sometimes they are allowed a specific sweetener, but not every day and not often, especially if you are on a diet. Also, measures are universal for all: a handful of nuts or 30 gr dark chocolate with fruit or two, depends on which size they are.

Not allowed in snacks:

Animal fats (butter, cream, eggs, lard, cheese)


These same recommendations are there and in all other books dealing with Chrono diet in one way or another. How are the cakes with flour and butter and eggs started to belong to the classic Chrono snack; for me it will never be clear. Yes, good healthy cakes can be eaten occasionally, when you are happy with your weight, but they cannot be part of the regular, frequent or daily snack. And Yes, I eat them sometimes and I, though I’m not a big “cake fan.” It’s already popping out of the ground rules, but if we deserve it, why not worship sometimes. At least to make them healthier.

Snack food ideas

Allowed:nuts for snack

All tree nuts other than peanuts

Dried fruit (in smaller quantities than fresh)
Egg white is not forbidden, but it not recommended for frequent use
Occasionally some sweetener

Animal fats not used because it is already more entries in the morning and for lunch and should be a maximum of avoiding in the afternoon. In the morning they are beneficial for the body but not in time for snack or dinner. Peanut not recommended because it raises cholesterol.

Although each time in the original rules applied to Chrono diet that snack is obligatory and optional dinner, that today, by all accounts, is not the case, Dr. Delabos said that in fact, the only two main meals are breakfast and lunch, and the snack and the dinner only desirable meals, but not required. He remained unequivocal about whether two or just one of these meals should be eject. Logically would be only one. On that occasion stressed that sweet part of the snack should skip if from the lunch passed more than six hours and that the delicacy should omit if it has been more than seven hours, and move on directly to dinner.

Ancient Greece food or maybe not? 

I’ve never been crazy about fruit and I, therefore, the rules in Chrono diet restriction, from which the snack also thrown out for quick weight loss, fit perfectly. It’s the bigger problem was that I have to eat a snack. In the beginning, I had to bring myself, I was able for a time to have it every day, so I finally gave up on it. Naturally, my habits won’t let me eat everyday snacks. And I don’t like to eat anything by force.

Then when I’m late with breakfast, no matter what the reason, a snack there’s nowhere to thread it. Or I will shorten the interval between meals, eat on the force, hating myself all day. Or I will be forced to leave the dinner, I ate very late, which usually means you’ll eat overnight refrigerator which is by no means a smart option. So now I eat snacks, much more often than before, sometimes I don’t. Generally, I correspond the dinner and is rarely skip.


Simple, easy snacks

chia pudding

As a mother with five children and a husband, I can not always be in the kitchen. I need time for my children and other things so I must find simple and also delicious foods with less time making.

How’s my snack when I got:

Chia Seed Pudding

An excellent suggestion for a snack, especially for those who train.

Banana rarely eats but if we want something healthy, sweet and juicy can sometimes look like this one.

Chia seed pudding with chocolate:chia seed puddingchia seed pudding300 ml of coconut milk

50 ml chia seeds

A teaspoon vanilla flavor

A tablespoon coconut flour

A teaspoon coconut oil

A half banana

One dark chocolate

Pour the coconut milk, vanilla flavor chia seeds, stir and leave to swell chia. I usually put it in the fridge overnight, or also you can get a few hours before serving. Then half a banana break two “piece” and put in a jar or glass over the milk with chia. The rest of the banana put in a blender. Chocolate steamed to melt with coconut oil and add the banana. Mix all goods to get a smooth mixture. When the pudding is ready, pour with chocolate, decorate with coconuts and enjoy dessert.

These quantities are three doses.

Mini Vegan Cheesecakemini vegan cheesecake

This cheesecake is so good, so creamy, so insanely delicious that we make it for every birthday party.


Ten fresh dates.  (If your Dates are not sticky and moist, you can soak them in warm water for 10 minutes then drain. But be sure to remove thoroughly and pat dry to prevent the crust from getting soggy).
50 gr hazelnuts

Pinch of dried ginger

Little grated lemon peel

A tablespoon melted coconut oilmini vegan cheesecake1

100 gr raw cashews

A tablespoon lemon juice

A tablespoon coconut milk

Two tablespoons agave nectar

Two handfuls of raspberry + for decoration


40 gr dark chocolate with 70% cocoa


Soak raw cashews at night and next day mix it with lemon juice, agave syrup, coconut oil and soak raspberries.

Make a bark of fresh dates, hazelnuts, and spices. Mix them in a blender. You can chill them in your fridge, or you can bake in the oven just a little to smell.

Put in a small cake pan baking paper and lubricate the edge with coconut oil. Add the bark and the filling of cashews put it on. Chill them in your fridge for 4-6 hrs. Carefully remove the cake from the cake pan before serving it. Dissolve the chocolate and spray it on the surface. Then decorate with the remaining raspberries.

Mousse with apple and raspberries

You need:mus with apple and raspberries

1/2 apples
A handful of frozen raspberries
A handful of almonds
Some water

Put everything in a blender and grind. This fruit has a lot of fluids; you will receive a granulated mixture. But if you add some water, that’s quite a lovely mousse or pudding. Without any artificial sweetener, eggs, butter. Just give us a lift in the afternoon.

It was a measure for me. If you are going to make two place times two. If you are going to make three times three. And enjoy.

In this way, you can make a mousse of any fruit, not only of apples and raspberries.

healthy snacks


And I have to admit that I do not always have both parts of the snack, sometimes I eat only fruit, sometimes it’s just nuts. Some rules are made to be respected, to be a violation of, but the fact that we can’t all live like the soldiers. Any diet that needs to last for the rest of my life has to be flexible, especially if we don’t have a health problem that causes us.

Coconut Balls

So, do not run away from the fruit, but be aware, because it has sugar. Although all fruits allowed (except bananas, it is recommended only after exercise) should eat more often those with a low glycemic index (GI). Do not forget the Chrono nutrition is designed, among other things, and to keep the oscillations of insulin in normal. Any foods with a high GI quickly raises the level of sugar in the blood. That’s why modern diets limit the intake of such foods. Those with diabetes are such foods forbid and they best know why.


Snack is eaten in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner, then when you get hungry. Although the perfect fifth interval between meal hours, snacks can be taken for three to four hours after lunch (if you get hungry earlier) while dinner could go for an hour and a half to two after the snack. Only be wise and be moderate. Of the above provisions can be real and very delicious sweets, just be careful not to overdo with quantity. Cookies can easy to seduce us.


  1. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for sharing this great post with all of us!

    I will bookmark your post as I want to have easy and quick access to your recipes. They look fantastic and super healthy!

    Having two daughters, snacking is one of our daily issues as they love eating all the unhealthy staff. We don’t so we are struggling on how to satisfy them, but at the same time keep them on the healthy side.

    You are giving us great solutions here, so thank you!

    1. Thank you, Dino, and welcome. My children like healthy snacks even more than unhealthy stuff. If you make this cheesecake you will see, they couldn’t stop eating it. 🙂

  2. These recipes looks delicious! I will definitely try them. I’m looking forward for more!
    Do you need to eat gluten free as well?

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