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Did you know that hot spicy food, such as mustard and chili peppers can accelerate the metabolism, burning calories?-Pepper for our health


The fruits of the pepper differ in form, color, and strength. When the grains are completely ripe and depending on the varieties, they can be white, yellow, red, light or dark green. We would emphasize red pepper is several times more valuable than green peppers. If the paprika is meaty, more significant, mature and red, it has more vitamins and minerals, and it is more medicinal and more useful.

Does pepper have beneficial effects?

Pepper is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, provitamin A. All pepper varieties contain a yellow or red carotid, which converts our organism into vitamin A. From mineral constituents the most there are phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

Pepper has two to three times more vitamin C than a lemon. Its amount in pepper depends primarily on the variety, but also from other factors. Because of this, it varies from 50mg to 250mg% and according to some data it reaches the value of up to 400mg%. Because of vitamin C, pepper preventively affects small blood vessels (capillaries), increases the permeability of capillaries and maintains their elasticity.

Properly prepared foods and vitamin C, D

The coloring matter of peppers, carotene, capsanthin, and capsorubin, are of particular significance in the mature red peppers that are used to produce ground paprika. In pepper, there is also water, sugar, about 0.3%, organic acids (lemon and apple), protein and about 10-15% fatty oil.

Considering that vitamin C is thermolabile (sensitive to high temperatures), it is recommended to take paprika, as much as possible used in the rare condition. By cooking, baking or roasting peppers, vitamin C destroyed at a lesser or greater extent.

By shredding the peppers for the preparation of lettuce, the loss of vitamin C is due to the oxygen from the air. For this reason, the fresh peppers salad should be prepared immediately before consuming it. By filling the mixture with cold oil, the protection of vitamins C and carotene achieved.

Peppers for our health

Fresh peppers are excellent against colds, asthma, bronchitis, respiratory infections, cataracts, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Paprika has an extensive and varied implementation. It especially appreciated as a fresh salad, for the preparation of various dishes and as a preservable (ground peppers, marinated, biologically preserved). If it used for salad, it must not be a bit bruised or wrinkled. Pepper has a full, robust taste, and therefore no other supplements are needed.

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Fresh peppers should chew up well.
By shape and size distinguish several varieties of peppers: Capsicum peppers have elongated fruit, white, yellow or green color. Tomato peppers have juicy and sweet fleshy fruits. More commonly known types are white and green round.

Chili is varieties with small and very hot fruits — they are known under the name of sleepwalking. The strength of the peppers stimulated by the alkaloids of capsaicin (in 1 spicy pepper has about 0.2% capsaicin), and most of it is in seed and placenta. Cayenne pepper differs from the sweet by form. It’s usually more prolonged and leathery and extremely spicy. Chili is small and mostly very chili peppers, which used in the nutrition of fresh, pickled or dried. They are considered to open their appetites and gourmets adore them, and some classify them as aphrodisiacs.

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Did you know? Spicy hot foods, such as mustard and chili peppers can accelerate the metabolism, burning calories, which has proven in a single British experiment.

To soften the hot chili, you should eat cold sour milk with a spicy chili meal, because it relieves the tongue, as well as in the stomach. Wine also helps, because the capsaicin and other hot ingredients dissolve in alcohol.

If cayenne pepper is used only occasionally and in small quantities, it causes a quicker operation of the welding organs. It leads to a larger influent of blood, accelerates the secretion of the intestinal contents, or harmful substances from the organism. If cayenne pepper used in large quantities, it can cause a stomach ulcer and a duodenal bowel. Especially the case if only fatty foods are used more often and use alcohol and tobacco. People with hemorrhoids should be careful when using cayenne pepper.

Pepper is sensitive and quickly perishable, quick wrists and lose flavor. You should always buy solid and heavy peppers that look “fleshy,” and avoid fade (indicating that they have lost natural moisture). Or immature peppers, as well as those with damp patches, as this shows the beginning of deterioration in the interior of the fruit.

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Lunch for the soul

1 kg of pork shoulder
8-10 red roasted pepperspepper food
3 heads red onions
One small leek
Two dried peppers
500 g of fresh tomatoes
100 gr bacon
2-3 cloves garlic
Garlic powder
Ground pepper

Meat cut into smaller cubes, and roll in the previously made mixture of spices of teaspoons salt, colorful peppers, cayenne pepper, garlic powder. Heat a non-stick skillet (Grill) and cook without fat, short, at high temperature, the meat on each side. I argue the cube by cube, so all in one pour ovenproof dish or earthenware griddle.

Cut onion into large cubes, as well as leek and a little salt mix with the meat. Add big-cut roasted peppers, dried peppers, garlic, chopped parsley, chopped bacon, tomato, some pepper and mix well, cover and leave in the fridge for 12 hours. Put in a cold oven at 200 ° C until the boil, and then reduce to 130-150 ° C and go it for at least 4 hours to simmer. Remove the cover and return to the oven for another 15 minutes.
I can tell you that it turned out to be divine and taste and smell.

Chicken breast with fresh dill and vegetables

I think we all have a few meals that often repeat for lunch. But how come the new year and season other foods, like I have a unique idea for a quick and tasty meal. And chicken and Dill are a great match.


400 g of chicken fillet, cut into cubes or strips

Two small green peppers
Two small carrots (those who are in the restrictions they can skip or replace, for example, Zucchini)
Three tablespoons homemade ketchup or tomato sauce without sugar

Spices for chicken:

Half a teaspoon of the mixture of healthy spices such as Rosemary and Marjoram
1 tsp saltchicken breast
Half teaspoons pepper
6-7 sprig fresh dill

Seasonings for vegetables:

1 tsp dried onions
Half teaspoons garlic powder

In plants, I do not add salt, because I wanted to dominate its sweet taste, but you can like desired. I put the meat in a bowl with dry spices, chopped dill, added homemade ketchup and everything mixed. I wanted to smell divine fresh condiments dominates so I put a lot of dills.

Vegetables cut in strips and put in a separate bowl with onions and mix it. In the pan, I put baking paper, arrange vegetables and meat, vegetables and meat. I put it in the heated oven at 220 degrees and bake 20-30 minutes. I don’t need to overbake to keep it juicy and fresh-smelling. And dill is one of the fragrant spices.

Colorful chicken stew

Need for four persons:

Four drumsticks
Two large leeks (or 3 smaller)
One red onion
Three carrots (those who are in the restriction could exclude)Chicken stew
One red pepper
One yellow pepper
One carton tomato sauce
Two tablespoons olive oil
Two tablespoons butter
50 g whole grain rice (those who are in the restriction I can get out and put more vegetables)
salt, pepper, and spices to taste

In the deeper dish place a cube of butter and olive oil to heat. Drumstick (preferably boneless), or with the bones, add salt, black pepper and fry on moderate temperature on both sides to brown.

This stew can be made and for restriction only carrot and rice to replace. For example, a carrot to replace eggplant, and rice replace with vegetable puree which is allowed.

Rib-eye steak with pepper

All measurements are for one person because I was cooking for themselves. If you are saving for someone else only proportionally increase measures

You need:rib eye with pepper

Two rib eye steak
Two handfuls chopped red peppers
One small onion
100 ml of red wine (or even less)
Two teaspoons pork fat
a little lemon juice
a little olive oil
Two cloves of garlic
Spices: sea salt, colorful pepper, cumin


On the steak, I put spices, added a bit, but just a bit of olive oil and rub on both sides. I left that one to stand for two hours, just enough to get the meat out back in the fridge. Steak should always be the furnace when be had room temperature, never cold.

When the steak came to myself in a pan, I heated grease and put in steak. They won’t need much, a minute or two on each side. While you bake, slice onion on crescent moons, pepper in circles, and garlic slices.

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Remove steak to a plate, and in the pan, add the onion. When it starts to change color, add peppers. Cook a minute or two, then add the garlic. When garlic smells, pour the red wine and steak back. They, in the meanwhile, will let a little juice in a bowl. Do not spill it, also flow in the pan. And so another minute. Turn the meat on both sides to absorb as much sauce.

And throw a few green spices on the surface, to break up a picture. If we ignore the standout meat, this lunch is ready in 15 minutes. I love fast meals.



Regular consumption of Peppers:

Raises immunity, stimulates collagen production.

Improves eyesight.

Protects against prostate cancer.

Stimulates hair growth.

Speeds up metabolism and helps weight loss. Pepper is for our health.

If you have anything to share concerning building your own healthy life, I would love to hear it.


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  1. Wow what a great site , I have learnt some really interesting facts about chillies and peppers , the recipes look easy to follow so I will be trying something new for dinner I think.

  2. More than anything this was informative. Very, very informative. It was also complex to the T. Now this could be a bad or good thing. Technical minds would relish this and comprehend it all. But to the less inquiring, general mind, it may overwhelm them. Maybe it would help to expand on the harder, deeper things.

    I did find this engaging-“By shape and size distinguish several varieties of peppers: Capsicum peppers have elongated fruit, white, yellow or green color. Tomato peppers have juicy and sweet fleshy fruits. More commonly known types are white and green round.”

    I think the use of visual description and the texture usage helped it stick in the mind. It is also very easy to read and retain. All in all, a great post! I would try to break things down a bit. Still an informative post!

  3. Oh my goodness, what an informative article, laced with recipes too!

    Thank you Tina.

    I always get annoyed and feel my time wasted when I see articles that give scanty advice. My mind always wants to understand the reason why and how things work before I can take to any information.

    I really like how you have explained what peppers do and how and when to serve them for maximum nutrients.

    I have a friend who explained to me how spicy peppered dishes are always served with creme fresh or the actual addition of soured cream in a dish.

    I have been thinking of late about how to increase my metabolism and I couldn’t have come across your article at a better time! I read every word and enjoyed it. Usually I just scheme through articles looking for real value.

    You article had value in every sentence for me and I am really grateful. Thank you.


  4. Hi there, very interesting and informative article on peppers. I’m personally not a big eater of peppers but after reading all the benefits associated with them I may have to rethink that. I use paprika though so I can handle that form but anything other than that would really be a struggle so I’ll need to take very baby steps. What is your favourite type of pepper?

    1. Hi Tamika. I love almost all of the kind peppers — especially chili pepper and bell pepper. The roasted pepper is something extra delicious when you feel that soft and delicious taste.

  5. Hi Tina
    Great article!!! I love hot spicy food and have known about their benefits for years. This article really explains everything in depth and I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from it. I spend between 3-5 month each year in Thailand so I’m used to eating very hot spicy food. My girlfriend is Thai and an excellent cook (Thai food only), but she is not shy when it comes to adding chillies. You have some mouth watering recipes here to, I’m going to bookmark your site for future reference.

  6. Hi 🙂 I’m just getting into cooking for my wife as we just bought a house so its the first time we’ve experimented with spicy food dishes. I really liked the info on paprika and the benefits of spices, I had no idea of all the health benefits ! I’ll be cooking with spices more often now :p

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