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Chrono dinner and a couple of good suggestions


Chrono dinner and a couple of good suggestions and recipes!

What it looks like a good chrono dinner and what to eat specifically for this meal, not to break the rules of the chrono diet? Here’s some good advice on that subject.

The Chrono diet has specific rules when it comes to combining food and when it concerns the time of their consumption. Beginners very often be a real challenge to prepare for dinner something tasty, which holds the change and fits the rules of the chrono diet. And then it leads to the wrong choices, failures and giving up.

What will be found on your plate when it’s a chrono dinner?

It depends on what you like to eat, but also whether you are in a restriction period or not. The restriction period is much stricter by its rules. It’s that initial period of chrono diets when you’re bad weight. After that period, you have to work on maintaining your weight. And then chrono becomes your lifestyle. Dinner then differs somewhat. These are nuances, but I will still give tips for both periods separately.

Before starting, it is important to become familiar with the rules of chrono nutrition.

Then let’s get specific about the dinner!

What foods are allowed in a chrono dinner?chrono dinner

In the chrono diet, bread is allowed only for breakfast, and that is the special chrono bread. In other words, it means that certain foods will not be something you will have on the menu when it comes to the chrono dinner. Write it off!

For the chrono meal, the restriction is allowed light protein. You can choose fish or meat (specifically chicken or turkey’s breast). Besides, eggs are allowed but pay attention – not the whole egg, only the egg whites.

You can also put vegetables on the menu, but with exceptions. This time, in color! You choose only the green and white color! It comes with a parsnip, celery, green mangel, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumber, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, onion, and garlic. Also, you are allowed to eat mushrooms, but then you do not mix them with other proteins.

For a chrono dinner when you’re not in restriction, the rules are similar but more relaxed. You can eat meat and fish again. Salads and vegetables can resolve, better say more colorful.

It is allowed to drink water, herbal teas, lemonade – with no sugar!

When you eat dinner since it’s good timing important when it comes to chrono nutrition?

The most important thing it should be at least 5 hours after lunch if you are in restriction. In that period there are no snacks and you eat only three meals a day. The distance between them should be at least that much.

The most important that it is not too late and you do not go to sleep with a full stomach, at least two hours after dinner.

It leaves you to fit into your life’s rhythm.

I propose a suggestion that you watch it be around 7 pm and 8 pm and that you should go to bed before midnight. Partly so that you don’t get hungry, and mostly because our body has its natural biorhythm that dictates that it sleeps at night and works during the day.

Chrono Dinner in restriction – Menu proposalchrono dinner

While in the period of restriction, the dinner sounds quite monotonous, which, by the looks of food, is not necessarily so. I’ll give you a few suggestions to get an idea. Combine them occasionally and be patient because the restrictions do not last forever!


You can eat mushrooms for the chrono dinner, but then do not combine meat or eggs. Maybe add a salad. And although the majority of champignon is synonymous with good mushrooms, I will recommend oyster mushrooms this time. Also, it is tasty, great for boosting immunity.

Oyster mushrooms are large, easy to clean and do not have any specific heavy flavor of what certain mushrooms can have. You cook them like you cook a piece of meat. The simplest thing is to fry them on olive oil and add spices. Serve mushrooms with fresh cucumber and there’s an excellent meal for dinner! They’re awesome on barbecues!

Egg Whites Omelet with Spring Onion

Recipes for tuna salads!

Mackerel filet with Olive and Brussels sprouts

 Cumin Kohlrabi


Chrono Dinner Out of Restriction – Menu Proposalchrono dinner

When dinner is out of the restriction, things are not changing drastically. Most changes in this period make breakfast. More or fewer dinners remain the same, light protein and salad. You don’t have to choose a salad by color, you can stick whatever you like!

Proposal for the menu:

Hake in tomato sauce

For a chrono dinner, you can try with any salad, baked or fried (Hake fillets in that sense the most practical for preparing). However, you can also add some tomato sauce. Cook onions with olive oil until the onions are nearly caramelized. Soak the tomatoes in boiling water to help remove the skin. Chop finely, or better yet, Grind in the blender to get gravy. Fry with onions and add some parsley and a little sage or basil and salt. Squeeze a clove of garlic in tomato sauce. Pour over the fish.

Chrono Casserole

For the casserole, the ground meat of the pork or beef is used. However, it is not at all harmful to put chicken breasts in place instead. Grind it in the blender and fry it with onions. In the fireproof pan, arrange a row of zucchinis, tomato, and meat, then repeat. There is no bechamel here like a classic casserole because we don’t use flour for a chrono dinner or sour cream. You can eventually add one egg white. Tomato will release its juice and it will be great, and it is not very demanding!

Mini Burgers with Roasted Celery Root

Chicken Kabob from the oven

Chicken Cabbage recipe

Fried Carp with Vegetables



In the Chrono diet, the most important thing is to know what can you eat and what are you in the phase, and what you are combining.

It’s not very easy, but at dinner, it’s the easiest because the least food is changing and the least added when the restriction pass.

On the one side, you have proteins, fish, non-fat meat, seafood, and mushrooms, possibly egg whites. On the other side, there are light protein vegetables and spices.

The truth is that over time, it can become a little monotone and it’s a challenge if you’re a beginner. I gave you basic ideas. It leaves you to make your combinations! And while it is recommended that dinner be based on proteins, nothing bad will happen if you only combine vegetables. In time, you will become such an expert, that the ideas would come to you. And then you can share them with us.


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  1. Hey Tina,

    Great suggestions really loved your post. Off late my friend is strictly following a Chrono Diet as their is a wedding in the family in about 2 months and he wants to fit into his clothes. I had quick question w.r.t. Chrono Diet: Is this recommended for people with blood sugar and other diseases that involve glycomy or other carb problem diseases ? I would love to know your opinion on the same.

    1. Hi Satz! Thank you for your kind comment.
      There are sufferers of common modern diseases for 10 to 30 days to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride and sugar levels.
      The results show a 100% success rate for all who strive to learn the basic rules of healthy eating.

  2. Very interesting. I’ve never heard of this diet. How long does it take to typically see results in weight loss in women?

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