chrono diet rules
Chrono Diet

Chrono diet rules


There are a million ways to lose weight. The secret is that you never try to lose weight; start to eat correctly. As I am surf on the internet, I find many diets, but only the Chrono menu can allow you to feed correctly and have a lean and healthy body. Chrono diet rules are not hard.

Where does the Chrono diet come from

Dr. Alain Delabos is a doctor of medicine, a Chrono nutritionist, director of the IREN’S clinical research department, a European Institute for Nutrition and Health Research, a top expert who developed this revolutionary method: simple, efficient, and even fun!

It intended for all of you who despise that you can not control the insensitivity when it comes to eating, and you would want to lose a centimeter without changing bad habits. Since it is easy to follow the rules of the Chrono of nutrition, it will be enough to teach you to believe in yourself so that this new way of managing your diet will look very natural naturally and leave you the impression that you have been nourishing your entire life.

The method of Dr. Delabos has based on the logic that all foods are beneficial if consumed by the biological clock of the body.

That means that you should eat the right food at the right time and in the right amount. In three phases (Express Start, Transition Phase, Equilibrium Phase) you can lose 17 lb in 4 weeks, and then yourself to organize your diet in the rhythm that suits you, for lasting results.

Keep in mind: success guarantee to you if you change your habits forever and accept the rules of the game without cheating.

Everything looks so simple, but you may be afraid to adopt a lifestyle that is so different from your current everyday life.

Do not worry, you need to eat rationally, and at the same time, you’re not killing anything. Of course, it will not be enough to shoot your fingers and lose weight while blinking.

To achieve your goals, you will need to be disciplined and consistent. For as Dr. Delabos says: a chrono diet is learned, the menu tolerated.

Chrono nutrition is a severe and medically tested way to consume the food you eat according to the biological organism, and, according to Dr. Delabos, the results are incredible.

Basic principles

The breakfast should be abundant and include fat (primarily), proteins and complex sugars. That means that you should eat cheese, butter, foods containing starch (bread), proteins (eggs or marinated meat). The body needs fuel, a lot of energy to start a successful working day. Don’t worry about calories because the body processes it during the day

Lunch allows the body to remain in shape for the remainder of the day and serves to replenish batteries. According chrono diet lunchto this diet, you need to choose a meal that is rich in animal proteins. It should be with less fat than for breakfast, but you should also provide fewer amounts of sugar and vegetable proteins. Lunch should not be too big, but enough not to feel hunger until the next meal. According to the original rules, they should eat corrosive proteins and starchy vegetables (but not pasta, rice, and potatoes if you lose weight). Those who have a cholesterol problem they should eat without starch vegetables and carefully select the flesh

Snack provides the body with enough fuel to keep it functioning until dinner. Snacks prevent excessive hunger and overeating during dinner. Snacks consist of fruit, or dried fruits and black chocolate. It’s about black chocolate with at least 70% of cocoa. You can also eat cakes made from permitted foods.

For dinner, you should eat light food: fish, lean meat (so-called white) and little vegetables. Sugar, fat, and starch not added in the evening, which means there is no snack in the evening.

Chrono diet restriction

Since 1986, Chrono diet has changed and improved. Dr. Ana Gifing was the first who exchanged a little to speed up weight loss and called the period a restriction. It is a period in which the body cleaned, the body accustomed to a new diet, and the pounds removed the most. Because everything that is fattening is practically limited to breakfast, and what you eat in the morning is processed by the body during the day. The restriction is a combination of first and original Chrono nutrition (no snack) and Dr. Delabos’s advice for those who have elevated cholesterol (without starch for lunch). There are some foods replace, but not those that significantly affect the reduce the number of pounds

In the restriction, the number of foods that imported cut, especially sugar, so the fruit is wholly excluded from use, and there is no snack. For breakfast, biscuits of all types of flour are allowed, except for corn and wheat, eggs and confectionery products are not mixed. Two different proteins avoid in the meal because it’s better, but it’s not a ban but recommendation. Also, strawberries and legumes do not eat for lunch. For dinner, only lightweight protein and green or white vegetables may eat.

It should take a minimum of 28 days or until you reach the desired weight. For some people, who have a massive excess of pounds, this means they are in the restriction for a year or more, but they can manage to lose 88 lb. Those with a smaller surplus from it have been out for a few months. Those who maintain weight and do not have a problem with excess pounds, the restriction ends after a month, how long it takes to adjust the organism to the new diet. Although there are numerous examples of people who have had a considerable surplus, they have been in the restriction for only a few months and have continued to thin after leaving the limitation until they reach the target. But the starch for lunch they omitted while their snack was healthy and modest and consisted of fruits and nuts.

Restriction to lose weight

Restricting to me has helped me to lose weight, but much more helped me to understand all the rules of Chrono nutrition. If you do not get into a little of the matter, it seems that you can eat almost everything (although that’s notchrono diet plan far from the truth) and almost always, you start to confuse very quickly, which naturally leads to stagnation or return of pounds. This way, with more rigorous rules, you realize in the first month how it all this work.

After restriction, eat according to standard rules. In the diet, for example, returns starchy vegetables, which can eat for lunch. But lunch, in this case, should be no later than 3 PM. Otherwise, Dr. Delabos advises getting up early, about 7 AM, and that the best breakfast time is around 8 AM. And everyone who can eat in the first hour after getting up.

The dinner should be light, and out of restrict, Dr. Delabos think you can sometimes skip it, according to Dr. Gifing never, though she often changes that rule because the organism does not need to starve. I rarely skip dinner because my day is often long and hard. So I have a habit of waking up hungry in the middle of the night and take a fridge. If someone asks me, it’s always necessary to have dinner, at least two bites.


When you sum up everything, in the end, it’s essential to eat at 4 or 5 hours to make your breakfast the richest. Avoid sugar maximum, especially in the ready-to-eat foods you buy. Always read the declaration and, if it has sugar in it, do not buy it.

In Chrono nutrition strictly forget cow’s milk, margarine, vegetable cheese, vegetable fats, herbal cream, bakery, yogurt.

These are some basics of Chrono nutrition. There are even more nuances and details, what would it take when it was needed, but about it in some other text.

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  1. Thank you, Valentina, for sharing this valuable info about Chrono diet. It must be very helpful for people who suffer a surplus weight. I have a pleasure to read it, despite, my weight hasn’t changed for the last 30 years. But what I found interesting, it turned out, that I have been following the rules of the Chrono diet all the time, though I haven’t heard about it before.
    I cannot start my working day without having breakfast; I need to feel good before going out in the morning. And for lunch, if you eat too much, you get sleepy and cannot feel good for the last of the day. I usually skip the snack.
    I am curious about the foods strictly prohibited in the Chrono diet: cow’s milk, margarine, herbal cheese, vegetable fats, herbal cream, bakery, yogurt. Do you know the reason why?
    Thank you again for your work.

    Wish you all the best


    1. Hello Makhsud
      The Chrono diet is not just about losing weight. It’s about a healthy lifestyle.
      We cannot eat bakery goods because it contains white, flour, sugar, yeast etc.
      Cow’s milk is not a drink we recommend for health. There is no significant nutritional value and there is more risk of milk consumption.
      Explaining the negative effects of milk are harmful inflammation causing galactose, which occurs when decomposition of lactose, the main sugar in milk.
      Margarine a single molecule distinguishes it from plastic. Margarine contains trans fatty acids that are not good for our health.
      Yogurt Often, yogurt has added carbohydrates. Rare and nutritionists believe that our organism sometimes does not register it as food while we are eating it, so we bring a lot more food next to it.
      Almost all herbal cheese contain harmful milk protein and vegetable fat, preservative
      Vegetable fats. Generally speaking, it increases the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and therefore has no good effect on health: the risk of cardiovascular disease may be higher. The body needs fatty acids, but only 7% of our total fat consumption comes from this breed!
      Cream. The more the food is filled with multiple saturated fatty acids, the more it increases the level of harmful cholesterol in your blood. Since they are usually partially hydrogenated, they also affect the omega-3 level as well.
      I hope it will help you understand the reason why should be not eating these products
      Have a nice day 🙂

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