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love in a pan
Chrono Lunch Recipes

Love in a pan

Do you think love in a pan is incredible? Now just try this amazing lunch and you will see it. For lunch turned out great because all the ingredients in a pan fell in love with each other :)Anyway, for lunch, you don’t need much. 500 grams of chicken breast 2 medium onions A tablespoon …

greek muffin
Chrono Breakfast Recipes

Greek muffins

What could be more beautiful than warm muffins in a napkin on the morning breakfast table? And they are so quick and easy to make, mainly since the ingredients are only lightly mixed, not beaten smooth. Greek muffins for this morning inspiration is my fridge because I found a pack of halloumi cheese in it. …

menu for diet
Chrono Diet Recipes

Menu for diet

Here I am with two weeks program, and for those who are vegetarians, you can find an idea of how to be on a chrono diet and be healthy. I’ve been watching them to be quite ordinary dishes, that you do not complicate your life until you get a little up. You will see that …

chrono shake
Chrono Diet Recipes

Healthy Meal Recipes

Top healthy meal recipes. We have found the most exciting recipes, and ideas. Now we have ideas for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Recipes for our health. Tasty cauliflower One head cauliflower, cut into small florets Two tablespoons tahini Two tablespoons olive oil (extra virgin) One clove garlic Two packets true lemon One teaspoon turmeric …