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Buckwheat benefits in Chrono diet- Gluten free recipes easy


Buckwheat(Fagopyrum esculentum Moench, Polygonaceae) is an edible, honey-and-a-liable plant, which is a meat and herb. It is most often consumed in the winter because it is durable, warm and heals. Although Buckwheat is not cereal, it contains all the right sides that have integral seeds. But there’s substance in it and what most cereals are missing. It is rich in the essential amino acid lysine, which is generally not present in the Cereals. The buckwheat grain contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vegetable fibers.

Vitamins:  Vitamin E (3.8 mg). Potassium (219 mg). Calcium (21 mg). P phosphorus (254 mg). Iron (3.2 mg). Magnesium (85 mg), then selenium, all vitamins of group B and significant Quantities B3.

Buckwheat -Where does it come?

Buckwheat is also called a black grain due to the dark color of the grain. It grows in the regions with a temperate climate. Wild buckwheat originated in China, from where it spread to the west. Buckwheat is a traditional food in Poland and Russia (Siberia). In some countries, buckwheat is just because of honey, because buckwheat honey is very high quality and appreciated. It used for making muffins, scone, semolina, and great porridge. Buckwheat does not contain gluten, so buckwheat is a good substitute for people who have a wheat intolerance. It is effortless to digest,  recommended in the diet of children, adults and elderly who have a problem with the digest.

How can buckwheat affect on our health?

Research shows that most adults, especially the elderly, do not take a sufficient amount of zinc. But it is essential for a robust immune system, the American scientists say. Consume pancakes made of buckwheat flour, as you will ensure a safe supply of zinc – in 100g there are about 8 milligrams or more than half of the daily needs.

Contains fluorine essential to the teeth and vitamin P that favorably affect the blood system and nerve cells.

As medically exciting and significant, relatively late discovered, only in the late mid-twenties of the century.
Buckwheat lowers elevated blood pressure. It is also useful for the treatment of tuberculosis.

It contains a large amount of rutin (the most used flavonoid heteroside), which scientifically confirmed beneficial effects on the walls of blood vessels. Rutin significantly reduces the rigor and permeability, and increases the elasticity and tone of the capillaries wall and participates in many oxidoreductive processes. Therefore, because of its antioxidant properties flavonoids increasingly have significance as factors of cell protection against oxidizing processes. Rutin also protects against the influence of X-ray radiation and other radiation exposure. Therefore, Buckwheat is recommended (as a rich source of rutin) in chronic venous insufficiency. Two clinical studies of newer date confirmed this.

Numerous studies suggest that buckwheat can maintain glucose levels within reasonable limits better than other carbon hydrates. Italian scientists examined the buckwheat for sugar metabolism. In those who received high-buckwheat foods, improved tolerance to glucose demonstrated, which means that their organisms were able to exploit better the sugars ingested by food.

Folk medicine recommends it like cough medicine and mucus in the upper respiratory pathways. Buckwheat recommended for people suffering from anemia, glaucoma, rheumatism, obesity…

Buckwheat is also recommended for local use, as a compress to the abdominal area, from mixed flour and water, as a pasta. This is how the intestinal water is excreted in severe patients, especially in tumors. Keep from two to three hours or all night.

Due to the many healing properties and increasing significance for phytotherapy,  1999. In Germany, it was chosen to be a beautiful plant of the year.

Buckwheat works excellent on the entire nervous system strengthens concentration and memory, so in Russia, they call it “students food.”

Buckwheat in the Russian Way (Students food)

300g buckwheat kernelsbuckwheat
1 liter of water,
50g butter,
A little sea salt

The previously cleaned and washed buckwheat is well-aced.

Meanwhile, boil water and salt, then add buckwheat and cook it on silent fire for 15 to 20 minutes. Decant put in a pan, add finely chopped butter and cover with aluminum foil. Simmer on a quiet flame until buckwheat becomes soft. Consume with vegetables, for breakfast.

Fantastic buckwheat pate

100 gr dry buckwheat
100 gr onion
One large or 2 smaller cloves of garlic
Three tablespoons olive oil
Four dried tomatoes from oil.buckwheat pate
Two teaspoons Dijon mustard.
One tablespoon lemon juice (2 if you prefer sour)
Spices: salt, fresh chili paprika, pepper.

For cooking buckwheat: black pepper grain and bay leaf

Optional: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame

Wash the buckwheat thoroughly and soak it overnight, and in the morning cook with salt, pepper, and a bay leaf. Of these nearly 100 grams of dry buckwheat was at the end of 420 grams of a cook. Place such buckwheat in a blender, but first, remove the bay leaf. In olive oil, add a finely chopped onion, garlic, so put everything in buckwheat. Add the chopped paprika, tomatoes, mustard, as well as spices and lemon juice. Mix everything well and try it. If you’re missing something, reinforce the other ingredients to your liking. I tried it myself until I was delighted.

And I also added toasted sesame. You can, and you don’t have to. You’re building your taste.

But you must try the pate. I was surprised how Buckwheat changes its taste and never guess what pate is if I didn’t make it.

Each pate is rehearsals before is completed, so you can always add more spices if you want. Or add some to your taste. But all of these ingredients that go inside give a particular flavor to this pate.

Buckwheat pancake 

Buckwheat is very healthy, affordable and quite cheap groceries. But many do not like it because of the specific taste it has. Still, that taste isn’t always the same.

The cooked buckwheat, the one in bread and pancakes have a completely different flavor. The most intensive is in the bread, as well as the smell. A slightly milder variant is when a buckwheat grain made. And the best when they make pancakes with flour. It doesn’t even remotely remind you of the buckwheat taste in bread.

Before I used to make pancakes the traditional way: You take a bowl, put eggs, add flour and water.

And this recipe always works:pancake

One egg
1o tablespoon of buckwheat flour.
Half a glass of mineral water.
1 cup of water.
A little salt
One tablespoon olive oil
Pinch of baking soda                                                              My 12-year-old son created this pancake

It is a smaller amount, for one or two people, depending on what you eat next.

But in time I began to pay more attention to the way of preparing everything from whole flour or whole grain grains because of the higher presence of phytic acid.

So I started to leave everything in the water overnight.

It is how these pancakes made:buckwheat pancake

150 ml buckwheat flour
150 ml of water

In the morning:

One egg
Two tablespoons olive oil
70 ml of mineral water

It is a measure of some five or six pancakes, so for about two people. Or two breakfasts. I mixed the flour and water in the evening and left it standing overnight. In the morning, while I was drunk my two large cups of hot water, mixed an egg with the mixture. Then I added olive oil and mineral water and baked one by one in a pancake pan.

When I baked them, I warmed the other frying pan, threw in some pork grease and fried two eggs.

I was making pancakes with homemade ketchup, and then I had beef jerky and eggs. Each egg I salted a little, peppered and added a few drops of Dijon mustard.

Try the buckwheat pancakes like this; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

This way, the buckwheat will love those who hate it.

Fritters with leek

A smaller leek
1.5 spoons of buckwheat flourfritters
An egg
Three teaspoons of pork fat
Salt, pepper
Water for the spill

Cut the leek into cubes. In the heated frying pan, place one teaspoon of grease. When the ointment is heating, add leek and stir. Then start by adding a little bit of water. So onions nicely poured without the water in the pan. When it did, leave it on the side to get a little cold.

Mix egg with the teaspoon of grease. Add flour, a pinch of salt and leek. Stir it all. Wipe the pan with a napkin and place it again on the stove with one scoop of grease. When the fat is warm, take the mixture with a tablespoon and put it in the pan. — Bake for a minute and a half on both sides. But make sure the temperature isn’t too high for the doughnuts to burn out.

You can eat them with homemade ketchup. Or a feta cheese if you’re not in restriction.

I got five fritters from this amount. And they’re a pretty thing for those who do eat gluten-free flour. Buckwheat is gone, although it has a similar protein in it.

Find delicious muffin recipes here: The Best Healthy Muffin Recipes-Why we love them so much?

Now you know that buckwheat is very healthy and useful food, which you should include in your diet. It has long been proving to be a healing effect on many health problems. Because it improves memory,  also an ideal food for the brain.

If you have any question or have something to add, feel free to write on the comment section below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.


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