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Are health benefits eating tofu?


Tofu is a low-calorie, low-fat food, so it is also ideal for dieters: energy content of 506 kJ / 121 kcal per 100 grams.


The tofu, also known as soybean cheese, was introduced to us by Far Eastern cuisine. We know 2000 varieties of soybeans, and there are 5000 years old of records from the imperial empire of China. Gottlieb Haberland brought to Europe in 1700 and was called an eastern cow in the Paris Botanical Garden.

Tofu the real miracle

The protein-rich tofu recipe developed before the 2nd century, during the time of emperor Liu An. The vegetarian Taoists tofu menu has always been in a prestigious place. The Japanese also had great success, their conquering journey from the poor’s table. In Asian cuisine, it quickly spread and solidified its position, which has no shaken to date

His gastronomy becomes in Europe after the 2nd world war, and in America, he became fashionable immediately.

Henry Ford, a car manufacturer, delivered 16 different catches from soybeans at a party.

Soybean for your health

It contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, yet it is low in calories

Essentials proteins in soy (45%), vitamins like vitamin B, and E, folic acid, minerals (e.g. Calcium, magnesium, sodium), trace elements (iron, zinc, selenium, copper).health benefits of tofu

It is well-known that soy contains essential amino acids, which are usually taken from the meat itself, and is therefore highly recommended for vegetarians.

However, there are many other physiological benefits: due to their high dietary intake of soy products, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are much less common among Asian peoples. Specialists recommend the prevention of prostate and breast cancer.

Products made from soy contain vital substances such as lecithin (an important cellular creator, stimulates the nervous system) and phytoestrogen. The latter is a herbal compound whose effects are similar to that of sex estrogen, and it has shown that the role of tofu in their eating is the cause of the very mild changes in eastern women.

The Japanese have no word on the heat wave! And this is not a genetic issue because Japanese women in America are still suffering from the symptoms of menopause, as they have abandoned their eastern eating habits.

However, recent research suggests that excessive consumption of soy in childhood can disrupt the hormone economy and, in old age, promote memory disorders and some brains damage.

But with moderation, we can only detect the positive effects. One uncomfortable side effect may be just bloating.

What can we cook from tofu?

Due to its neutral taste, we can prepare it in many ways, even for dessert.

The soy-based products range is vast: soybean, soy germ, tofu (soybean cheese), soy milk, soybean flour, miso (soy puree), soy milk, soybean oil, soy powder and even soy granulate. There are a lot of products made of soy, and fortunately, they are available in many places today, not just in bio stores.

Tofu made like cheese: the soy milk from soybeans is fermented and pressed into a slice of a good slice.

Its natural taste is neutral, but it can be well flavored. How to use tofu? Sliced, steamed, marinated, roasted, grilled, fried, made for dough – and we could still list it!

Tips how to bake delicious tofu

Our fantasy can only limit the use of tofu: it can be into hamburger instead of meat, we can make a scrambled egg, it is also perfect as a “fried meat”, which can serve with the same volumes as the meat,  can stuff with chicken, delicious spicy one-piece dishes made of tofu. We can make sweets on the table!

Soy is very good to keep, most soy products in the freezer for months, and the ready meal in the fridge for one week quietly stops.

Because of the positive physiological effects of soy, researchers say it would be desirable to consume one portion of soy yogurt a week, a glass of soy milk or a piece of tofu.

Also, available are natural, smoked and green spiced tofu

Tofu soup

Ingredients: 300 g of tofu, 500 g of carrots, 300 g celery, 300 gr leeks, one smaller cauliflower, 100 g onions, 50 g butter, Salt, one piece of a bay, leaf Parsleyhealth benefit of eating tofu

Preparation: The washed and finely chopped vegetables (except cauliflower) are slightly evaporated in butter and then poured into 1 liter of water. When rinsed with roses wash cauliflower, we put it in a saucepan and cook for 15 minutes on low heat. Salt, then add the diced tofu and bay leaf to the boil again. Serve with freshly cut parsley

Tofu dumplings with spinach

Ingredients: 400 g tofu, 200 g of fresh spinach, 600 g of carrots, 40 g of whole wheat spelt flour (maybe more), 2-3 cloves of garlic, 120 g horseradish (not vinegar!), 24 g leek

Preparation: Simmer the spinach in a little extra virgin oil, salt, flavor with garlic, and fry it. Crashed tofu with a fork, add the spinach and add flour so much flour that we can work well.

We form dumplings from the mass and fry it on the oil baking tray.

Slice the leek into a ring, fry it in a little oil, salt it and mix it well with the horseradish, and cook the carrots cut into a circle with a bit of oil, salt it, pour it with a little water and simmer. Dumplings serve with brown rice, with horseradish sauce and carrots.

Roasted tofu

300g tofu, garlic powder, coconut oil, turmeric, salt, pepper

The tofu is filtered and then diced. Sprinkle the diced tofu with a little turmeric, and garlic powder, salt, and pepper, then shake well. In a Teflon (or other non-stick) pan, we heat coconut oil and throw the tofu cubes on oil. From time to time, shake and fry through all sides of the tofu.fried tofu

The fried tofu is one of my favorite dishes. Partly because I find it very fines, partially because it can make in 15 minutes. Speed is an aspect because we don’t always have the time (and we may not) to spend hours in the kitchen.

If you’re trying to eat more plant proteins, simple tofu recipes are a good start.

I mentioned your fantasy could limit to use of tofu. Whatever you like you can do it. Use your imagination, and I would love to hear some good recipes or ideas what have you made, and what is very delicious.


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