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Ancient Greece food or maybe not? – Gyros to make your Olympos feel


Gyros is fast food that we all love. It is one of the most recognizable brands of Greece and one of the favorite meals of Greeks and all the lovers of the olive country. It is almost impossible to not remember the summer days on the coast of one of the three seas in the southern Balkan country, and not to remember the tasty gyros.

In the original, the gyros made of pork, but as every fast food adapts to those who consume it, you can eat it with chicken, turkey meat or ground meat. You must be well-known pork and chicken gyros, but there are two other variants of the most common in the gyros restaurants. Just like well-done chicken and pork, and the gyros of turkey or ground meat is delicious.

The gyros meat made by making chunks of meat stand upright on a long dagger and then it’s baking as that revolves around. Of course, the meat-baking heater is not all around the upright, only on one side.

Gyros meat is placed in the so-called pie together with potatoes, cream, and salads.

Interestingly, a large number of Greek households have a mini-device on which gyros are in the home variant.

Gyros Greece

Gyros word is by the fact that it revolves around. Namely, in the Greek language movement that goes non-stop in a circle called Gyro from it arose the name of Gyros.

At the surrender of gyros, it came to Greece from the city of Bursa, which located in Asia Minor or Anatolia. It was brought to the southern Balkan country by the Hellenic refugees 1922.  Namely, this Turkish town has a gastronomic history for which the Turks and Greeks, Armenians and Jews deserve, so it is not necessary to be surprised that the Greek brand was born there.gyros-Bursa

Gyros and Kebab differences

In the 18th century, Bursa lived a large number of Greeks. Then the original form of Gyros was created called “Doner kebab.” Most of us know that gyros and kebab have the same shape, but that the difference is primarily in the meat that fills the pie for gyros. Namely, the Muslim kebab is predominantly real with lamb or beef, while the Greeks prefer the taste of pork. We should mention that gyros or kebab was the favorite dish of all the inhabitants of Bursa, namely Turks, Greeks, Armenian, and Jews. Over time, this quick specialty has also been poured into other Ottoman cities, but also to the Arabic world.

However, if you look further in the history of the city of Bursa, which is the fourth largest city in Turkey, you can find that it was well-known in the writings of Philip V of Macedonia. History says the city gave King Philip to Bithynian king Prusias, and hence the name of the town of Bursa.  So just as with most places in today’s Turkey and Bursa culture’s influence on lifestyles mashed-up. Therefore it’s difficult to judge the ethnic identity of some all popular recipes.

We have already said that gyros in Greece brought refugees year 1922. From the land of olives together with Greek immigrants, in another half of the 20th century, spread gyros consumption and in other world countries, primarily in the United States and Australia where lives a vast number of the Hellenic diaspora — at the same time expanding kebab, above all in Germany, where live a large number of Turks.

Gyros made in the kitchen? Yes, it’s possible.

Even if we can not eat fast food gyros, we can make healthier gyros at home.chrono gyros

Everything is so accessible and easy to make; there is no reason do not have Greece in the House one day, at least until the summer.

At the beginning of the little note: This saved gyros with Greek yogurt in the restriction may go for breakfast, how we got it, except for cold cuts and sometimes some domestic pate. But beyond the restrictions, or for lunch because it is periodically dairy is allowed, don’t overdo it with tzatziki salad. And the tortillas don’t worry, might as well do it for lunch even on restriction because they are not from flour.

Because the marinade is practically disappearing, you can roast out restrictions this meat, without supplements for gyros, they can be eaten in the evening too.

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Perfect gyros

900gr chicken breast

chrono gyros

A vast onion
Two barbeque sticks

For marinade you need:

570 g Greek yogurt

180 ml olive oil
60 ml of lemon juice
One teaspoon pressed garlic
A teaspoon salt
A teaspoon pepper
Half teaspoon cayenne pepper
A teaspoon ground paprika

One teaspoon ground cumin
A teaspoon coriander powder

Mix all the ingredients for the marinade. Chicken breast share on about ten pieces and tenderize at about one inch thick. Roll in the marinade well and leave it overnight in the refrigerator or at least an hour.

Turn on the oven to 200 degrees. Clean the onions and cut to be flat on both sides. Punch it with the barbeque stick and place this “stand” on the baking plate lined with baking sheet. Lower the meat by punching them over the barbeque sticks downwards by putting them crosswise.


My advice is that the quantity of meat split into two halves and arrange two gyros. Bake it about one and a half to two hours.

Tzatziki quickly prepares more quick eats

Gyros do not go without tzatziki salad.tzatziki

For the tzatziki you need:

400gr of Greek yogurt
One large cucumber
1 or 2 small cloves of garlic
A tablespoon olive oil, plus more for serving
One tablespoon lemon juice
A tablespoon chopped dill
One tablespoon chopped parsley (not must)
salt and pepper to taste

Grated the cucumber a little salt and leave to take a leak. A good squeeze and then mix with all the other ingredients. It is good for at least a half hour before consuming. Serve it with some condiments and olive oil over.

Cut the meat, tomatoes, red onions, and tzatziki over … If it gets some Ouzo … come feast in fellowship with Olympus. Yummy, believe me!

Wonderful linen tortillas

With us everything or nothing. And all, nothing halfway. Who thought would eat gyros, cheat on you. You have meat, tzatziki and you have a “bread.” I swear to God. And that’s for lunch. Yes, yes!

For at that for lunch, you can twist the meat for breakfast, whatever you like, and that you, unrestricted, you can also have a snack.tortilla

125 ml of water
100 gr. of ground linen

Warm up the water to the boil. Add half a teaspoon of salt, and if you want something of dried spices: garlic, onion powder, pepper.


Heat a frying pan on medium-high heat. Tortillas on each side fry for a minute or two, to dry and separate, don’t over-bake. Turn off heat, remove the pot and add linen. Return to heat and stir for another minute or two until you compact the mixture. Lift mixture out of the bowl on a plate, leave for another minute or two if you can get your hands, being hot and split it four ways. tortilla

Parts of the form in balls and slowly roll them between paper to get the disks. With what you will not get the proper shape. Don’t make them too thin. You can put a little oil on paper to be sure it will help, linen released his mix-up, and the tortillas at the end are soft, delicate and dry although they did not add any fat.

That’s why I recommend them even when you are on a diet.

If you want the right circles, when thin them, place around a court or cover the surface and thus cut the circle. The remains that are separate and assemble the ball around in you will get a fifth tortilla.


Omit salt. Add in the dough cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla …, and I can’t wait to see what you are cute lunch box packed in it.



  1. Wow! I’ve always enjoyed Greek mythology, this blog post takes me right back into it I don’t know why I connected it mythology, but it seems to have triggered something.

    Now I’m curious to try these gyros.

    Kebabs I’ve tried many times. I like the recipe, but is it possible that I can omit the pork and substitute it for a different type of meat?

  2. Hi,

    Oke so I love Gyros but didn’t know so much about the history behind it.
    Thanks to give a great explanation about Gyros and other dishes that sounds very tasty.
    I live now for 1 year in Bulgaria and there are some similar foods.


  3. Great information on the gyros food.
    I first thought you were talking about kebab in the few paragraphs of this content, but later I realised the difference between kebab and gyros.

    Thanks for sharing.

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